As we outlined last October:

Priced at $2.345 million in early 2014, the “remarkable” two-bedroom, two-bath unit #29A with a 200-square-foot terrace near the top of the Infinity tower at 301 Main Street sold for $2.1 million, or roughly $1,656 per square foot, that November, four months after the plans for a twisty 400-foot tower to rise across the street had been unveiled.

This past August [2018], the “quintessential waterfront” unit with “the ultimate entertainers floor plan” and “custom finishes throughout,” including built-in A/V equipment, hardwood floors and mechanical shades, returned to the market listed for $2.099 million, a sale at which would have effectively represented a push in terms of appreciation for the two-bedroom over the past four years.

And having been reduced to $1.999 million [in September], 301 Main Street #29A remains on the market and listed as available inventory in San Francisco.

Newly listed for $2.099 million this past May and then withdrawn from the MLS after “three weeks on the market,” 301 Main Street #29A has just been listed anew with another official “1” day on the market (at least according to all industry stats) and a reduced (although not according to industry stats) list price of “$1.899 million,” a sale at which would represent depreciation of 9.5 percent for the luxury two-bedroom unit on an apples-to-apples, versus “median price,” basis since the end of 2014.

3 thoughts on “Remarkable Two-Bedroom Now Listed for Well Below Its 2014 Price”
  1. My guess is with Mira going up, any views this unit has will be block or minimally have several units in Mira staring back at this infinite unit. 200k hair cut seems like a reasonable deduction in price although frankly speaking I wouldn’t pay close to 2M for a none-view unit in Soma.

    1. Guess again. With the 301 Main Street tower on the corner of Main and Folsom, versus Mira at the corner of Folsom and Spear, the living room view pictured above, along with its two bedroom views, remain relatively intact. But the angled view from one end of the balcony, and dining area, do now include the designer tower down the block.

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