Having preliminary cleared a key environmental hurdle, the refined plans to raze the rustic Main Street Theater and develop apartments on its Excelsior District site at 915 Cayuga Avenue, which extends to Alemany Boulevard, behind the Little Bear School campus at 65 Ocean Avenue, a parcel which is being redeveloped as well, are one step closer to becoming reality.

If approved by Planning, the five-story development as now proposed would technically rise to a height of 50 feet, with a mix of 16 studios, 18 one-bedrooms, 70 two and 12 threes over parking for 69 cars and 116 bikes with the entrance to its garage via the theater’s existing curb cut on Cayuga.

And as we first reported when the plans were originally drafted, half of the proposed apartments would be permanently rent controlled while the other half are slated to be offered at below market rates, possibly serving as the required off-site inclusionary housing component for another neighborhood development (or two).

9 thoughts on “Development to Rise on Main Street Theater Site Closer to Reality”
  1. sounds a bit like public housing with a wig on.

    gonna have some interesting criminal activity stats in that area. just JMHO.

      1. Aren’t tenants who pay rent (whether rent controlled or not) helping to pay mortgage and property taxes for the owner (thereby subsidizing her/him) who can then deduct those taxes from her/his taxes as a business deduction (thereby receiving another subsidy)?

  2. Some nasty comments above. I suppose they don’t live in the neighborhood or perhaps understand what a neighborhood is.

  3. i owned 2 houses close and very close to there (both of which i actually lived in) and I’m an SF native.

    i think i know of what i speak.

    don’t be so quick to lose your monocles.

    1. just because you live nearby doesn’t mean you can read a crystal ball into the future. You are speculating that BMR = crime which is not really the case. I actually have a BMR complex at the end of our block and there’s no crime as far as I can see. I also grew up here (in a BMR complex) and it was extremely safe/ crime free.

  4. you must have lived there when street gangs settled beefs with dance contests or something.

    i keep really off hours and i can tell you first-hand, it’s quiet at night but there’s always lurkers roaming around. cctv is the best reality channel.

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