915 Cayuga Site

Plans to raze the rustic Main Street Theater and develop 103 apartments on the building’s Excelsior District site are moving forward, with the project team having applied for priority processing.

915 Cayuga Avenue Rendering

As we first reported last year, the proposed development would rise up to 40 feet in height across the 915 Cayuga Avenue parcel which extends to Alemany Boulevard, behind the Little Bear School campus at 65 Ocean Avenue (a parcel which is being redeveloped as well).

The development would effectively front Alemany, with its garage entrance for 103 cars accessed via the existing curb cut on Cayuga.

And as newly proposed, half of the 103 apartments would be permanently rent controlled while the other half would be offered at below market rates, possibly serving as the required off-site inclusionary housing component for another neighborhood development (or two).

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Mark

    Zero ground floor retail? 1:1 parking for rent-controlled/BMR housing?

    • Posted by moto mayhem

      in this case, i agree dont need this much parking. its walkable to BART

    • Posted by anon2

      Alemany has never had much retail. That’s not to say it shouldn’t have retail, just that it hasn’t had it in the past.

  2. Posted by San Francisco

    That is not in the Excelsior District.

    • Posted by cfb

      It’s literally one block away from mission street, which is the western edge of the excelsior district…hate to break it to you, but neighborhood boundaries are kind of nebulous, and many people are going to refer to this building as being within the excelsior district, because of that, including many people who live there. There will be others who refer to it as Mission terrace instead, or the outer mission, and probably some other names too.

    • Posted by anon2

      It’s about five blocks from the district’s namesake, Excelsior Ave.
      Even if not technically within some arbitrary boundary, it’s certainly close.

      • Posted by San Francisco

        Well then I guess Tijuana is in The United States.

  3. Posted by jake

    Is this the part of Cayuga Ave that floods with raw sewage with every storm?

    • Posted by Francis

      No. That’s a mile away.

      • Posted by Mission Terrace

        That part of Cayuga is down by Glen Park, between (about) Lyell and Rousseau. Though individual houses farther west on Cayuga also can have their share of problems. See for the neighborhood organization that’s trying to fix it.

        • Posted by jake

          I placed on offer for 201 Cayuga. Thank goodness I didn’t win.

  4. Posted by Aaron Goodman

    To bridge and connect the mission corridor to ocean ave and the balboa station, this building along with the other project around the corner, both need a retail ground floor component.

  5. Posted by katdip

    Don’t think this is a great place for ground floor retail – there is no retail on Alemany except for the gas station and service station on the corners of Ocean, so there isn’t much foot traffic to entice store owners. I think we’d be better served filling in the many vacant storefronts on the nearby stretch of Mission than trying to add new retail with little to support it. I know the retail stores on Ocean between Alemany and San Jose have struggled mightily. Not sure I like the driveway on Cayuga – its a very small street, but admittedly it would be easier to enter/exit than Alemany. Look forward to seeing more info..

  6. Posted by A. Mancini

    Does anyone know what will happen to the Moving Arts Studio?

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