Speaking of sleek and circa 2014, the two-bedroom unit #5C at 1501 Filbert Street, which opened its doors in late 2014 dubbed “Amero,” is now back on the market on the edge of Cow Hollow, billed as a “special opportunity to live in a sleek newer construction residence in an established legacy neighborhood.”

The 1,130 square foot unit includes two full bathrooms as well, with floor to ceiling windows in the living/dining room, “capturing views as only a corner unit can.” There’s a deeded parking space in the garage below and a rooftop terrace with a built-in grill and amenities above.

And having been purchased as new for $1.6 million in January of 2015, which was $95K under asking at the time, 1501 Filbert Street #5C was priced at $1.498 million last week.

15 thoughts on “Speaking of Sleek”
    1. Yeah, that is really bad design. A column in a corner, i get that it can be necessary, but the way the set the corner window back with a column means you can’t even use the window. So bad.

      1. Not everyone only judges value and quality by the dollar amount fetched. Unfortunately, housing is so short in supply, that the design quality doesn’t drive the price as much as demand.

  1. Key detail missed, they actually went out at $1.65mm in October and in a short 2 weeks either had zero interest or really bad feedback, hence the price drop to $1.498MM. Where’s the bottom on this one?

  2. UPDATE: The list price for 1501 Filbert Street #5C has just been reduced to $1.38 million or roughly 13.8 percent under the price the two-bedroom fetched in early 2015.

  3. UPDATE: While we missed it at the time, the sale of 1501 Filbert Street #5C quietly closed escrow on 12/14/18 with a contract price of $1.36 million, which was 15 percent below its early 2015 value on an apples-to-apples basis but officially “within 2 percent of asking!” according to all MLS-based stats and reports.

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