Having been redesigned to address some bay window and encroachment concerns, the plans for a seven story building to rise on the Big Bubble Laundromat site at 2525 Van Ness Avenue, adjacent to Amero, could be approved by Planning this week.

As refined by Studio n and Chris Dikeakos Architects for Vancouver-based developer, the Executive Group, the proposed development now includes a total of 28 condos, 24 of which are two-bedrooms, over 2,000 square feet of new café/retail space fronting Van Ness Avenue, an underground garage for 14 cars and 28 bikes, and both communal and private deck space upon its partially landscaped and green roof.

San Francisco’s Planning Department is recommending the project’s approval.

6 thoughts on “Big Bubble Development Closer to Reality on Van Ness”
  1. Mmmm. Value architecture.

    I really think we need to loosen the whole “interpretive bay window” constraint a little.

  2. As opposed to the “big bubble” development that’s going on all over SF…I like a little honesty, topped up w/ sprinkles of irony (even if unintended)

      1. Many of those planned projects will be put on indefinite hold. One Oak is on the market and, given the market, who would purchase the entitlement now? Short a steep discount. 524 Howard and Avant Group’s 1270 Mission are not going forward at this time. That is more than 800 units of housing in limbo. When the dust settles it is not certain the next uptick will be near as robust as the previous one and so many of these projects could be abandoned altogether.

      2. One black swan event and four years later, a crane is in place and this site is under active construction

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