2465 Van Ness Avenue Site

Having been approved by Planning last month, the exemption to allow the long-shuttered Chevron service station site at the corner of Van Ness and Union to be leveled and a contemporary seven-story building to rise upon the Cow Hollow site has officially been endorsed and a permit to start demolishing the station’s canopy has been requested.

As designed by Handel Architects for DM Development, the 2465 Van Ness Avenue project includes 41 market-rate condos (a mix of 10 one-bedrooms, 24 twos and 7 threes) over 2,800 square feet of ground floor retail space and a basement garage for 31 cars and 41 bikes with its entrance on Union.

And once again, the former gas station’s underground tanks were removed in 2010, after which it was confirmed that contamination from the removed tanks would not pose a threat to public health or the environment and the ground could soon be broken, as we reported in December.

11 thoughts on “Contemporary Cow Hollow Development Positioning to Break Ground”
    1. Looks great in my opinion I really dont mind if there are 15 buildings similar to this in different parts of the town. Handel Architects Gaudi of San Francisco

      1. Well they did design the Millennium tower.. hopefully there is better communication with the engineers on this project.

  1. How does DM Development get so many deals in the city? Are they just the most aggressive bidders? The D is Danielle Dignan and the M is Mark McDonald. Before real estate, she was a sailing instructor and he was a manager at Oracle. Their firm started in 2010. Now they have hundreds of units under construction in the city.

    This is not a take-down post, to be clear. That a couple of people without much experience can go from 0 to institutional money development in that span of time is very impressive. It’s so impressive I feel like I am missing something. Or maybe the willingness to take on debt (and have debt supplied) is what matters? Bravo to the developers. I just can’t tell if they are really clever, or bull market babies, or some combination of the two.

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