2301 Lombard Street Site

Speaking of former gas station sites and Handel Architects, the designs for a contemporary residential building to rise at the corner of Lombard and Pierce have been drawn.

2301 Lombard Street Rendering

Having sat undeveloped for over a decade, the Marina Chevron site was sold to DM Development last year. And as proposed, a four-story building with 22 condos, a “generous retail space” fronting Lombard, and a garage with parking for up to 32 31 cars will rise at 2301 Lombard.

And as with the proposed development of 2465 Van Ness Avenue, DM is now planning to break ground for the 2301 Lombard Street project next year and deliver the condos to market in 2019.

16 thoughts on “Plans for Long-Vacant Lombard Street Site Now Closer to Reality”
  1. As a preventative measure, I note that there are more parking spaces than condos. There is no need for yet another socketsite diatribe against cars. For once, let’s just skip it.

  2. @conifer: hear, hear! but I must say, offices or hotel seems more appropriate for site…living on US 101 with traffic lights and all that glass?

    1. well i’m sure traffic will be breezing by on 101 soon, once ‘rapid bus’ is in place and van ness and is reduced from 3 to 2 lanes…smh

      1. Yay, us who actually go outside of our homes and cars in this city will finally be able to travel at a reasonable speed!

  3. 4 whole stories. Rendering has the requisite person hanging out on the balcony…enjoying all that fresh air and wondering why they spend millions of dollars to live on top of a major road. Go ahead and jump…it’s only a couple floors.

      1. The nice thing about the Marina is everyone has a golden view on their roof decks. One 6-8 story building might ruin the equality of views.

  4. I understand the varied overhangs as an exterior design element, but won’t it create very odd interiors?

    Looking out, views will be narrowed and shortened.

  5. This makes me wonder how long that IHOP is going to be able to hang on to their site. Though, at this point, there is little hope of making it into this cycle.

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