2301 Lombard Street Site

The plans for a contemporary four-story building to rise on the former Marina Chevron site, which was leveled over a decade ago, have been approved. The major appeal periods have passed. And the notice of a key in-fill-based exemption to allow the development to move forward without having to complete a lengthy environmental review has just been signed and submitted to the State.

2301 Lombard Street Rendering

That being said, the building permit for the 2301 Lombard Street project, which includes 22 condos (a mix of 5 one-bedrooms, 13 twos and 4 threes) over 2,600 square feet of ground-floor retail space and a stacked garage for 33 cars, is less than a third of the way through the process of being approved, which means the possibility of DM Development breaking ground on the project by the end of the year is slim to none but a delivery of the units by the end of 2019 is still in the cards.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by hundoman

    So give or take a year or two it takes 15+ years to build a single infill 4 story building in San Francisco.

    And people wonder why housing is so scarce and expensive.

    • Posted by SocketSite

      Keep in mind that Chevron didn’t agree to sell the site until mid-2015 and the actual sale to DM Development didn’t close until mid-2016. Or as we noted last year, “don’t blame Planning for the delay.”

      • Posted by Clark

        Pesky facts. Chevron are NIMBYs!

  2. Posted by Eddy

    Its neat how they make Lombard street look like its not Highway 101. It almost looks romantic

    • Posted by Clark

      Lombard is Lombard. Have never heard of anyone refer to it as Hwy 101 in 33 years.

  3. Posted by Bob Baylor

    “…the notice of a key in-fill-based exemption to allow the development to move forward with having to complete a lengthy environmental review…”

    Should that say: “…without having to complete…”?

    [Editor’s Note: Good catch, that’s correct and since corrected above.]

  4. Posted by Tahoe Kid

    I can see the sales brochure now: “….just steps from Highway 101…”

  5. Posted by Hunter

    Nice design though, kinda like an IKEA version of Zaha Hadid. Now if we could just get real Hadid building up in this town…

    • Posted by Grubber2

      Rumor is Ms. Hadid is designing from heaven.

    • Posted by Clark

      Happy it’s not what so much of everything else is.

  6. Posted by matlaw

    Yay – no faux bay windows!

  7. Posted by Metroliner

    I wonder how much longer that IHOP has left to live.

  8. Posted by elmerJFuddMillionaire

    Horrible location for anything residential. Enjoy the 24/7 traffic, exhaust, and bums. Whole area is filthy

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