2301 Lombard Street Site

With the 21-unit VELA nearing completion at 2353 Lombard Street, we turn our attention to the adjacent undeveloped parcel to the east known as 2301 Lombard, a parcel which has sat undeveloped for over a decade.

The former Marina Chevron station site was sold to DM Development last year and Handel Architects is now working on the design for a four-story building with 22 condos, a retail space fronting Lombard Street, and a garage with parking for up to 32 cars to rise upon the site.

Plans to develop the site have been in the works since 2005. DM is currently planning to deliver the condos to market in 2018. And don’t blame Planning for the delay.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Serge

    Is there a reason it was kept vacant so long? I assume Chevron did the remediation on it shortly after the structure was removed.

  2. Posted by Andy M

    Fewer parking spots and more units please! Lombard is a major transit corridor, it can handle a much larger building.

    • Posted by Mark

      Lombard is only a major transit corridor if you own a car. Public transit is slow, slow, slow. People shelling out out millions for a condo here aren’t going to be riding the 22-Fillmore.

  3. Posted by Andy Q

    Glad to see more housing, hope its affordable…

    • Posted by Brian M

      Define “Affordable”

  4. Posted by moto mayhem

    great news. lombard needs a revamp and these 2 buildings are a good start. Andy Q. it will be afordable for the people who can buy there. expected more buildings to be subsidized in the wealthiest areas is only a pathway to increase costs and decrease affordability for the city as a whole

  5. Posted by Mark

    A 7-story condo building is proposed for 16th/Florida, yet we only get 4 floors here. Hmmn…

    Andy Q: it’s only affordable for those who have the money…which there seems to be a lot of money and bidding wars. However, that may ease up as even the tech millennials are pushed to the east bay to find affordable housing.

    • Posted by moto mayhem

      7% of jobs in SF are tech and <50% are held by millenials. 3.5% of jobs in SF are for tech millenials, and most tech millenials prefer the Mission over the Marina as most are hipsters. the overally stock market is much more important than tech. Many more lawyers, doctors, finance people in marina than tech

  6. Posted by CruzSexScandal

    Lombard at this location would be a horrible place to live. Constant 24/7 traffic with horns, trucks, and motorcycles. I doubt soundproofing and double-paned windows would even help not to mention you would never be able to keep them open due to all of the exhaust fumes

    • Posted by David

      You are 100 percent correct. I live a block away on Greenwich. It might as well be a world away. I wouldn’t live on Lombard if you paid me.

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