2353 Lombard Rendering

Dubbed “VELA,” the 21-unit apartment building rising at 2353 Lombard Street, which has been under construction since June of 2015, should be ready for occupancy this summer.

A mix of 18 two-bedrooms and 3 one-bedrooms with a communal rooftop terrace that will be outfitted with a built-in barbecue, seating and linear fireplace, pricing for the units has yet to be set in stone but the leasing office is slated to open late spring.

2353 Lombard Rendering - Roof Deck

And having paid an in-lieu fee rather than include any below market rate (BMR) units on site, VELA will be an entirely market rate community.

17 thoughts on “Lombard Street Development Dubbed VELA, Leasing Late Spring”
  1. Yet another architectural treasure!
    Among the huge majority inferior to anything Robert A. M. Stern has every built.

    1. Such as the bulky, awkward, and clumsy Gap headquarters on The Embarcadero? I would prefer this to the system building unit pretend Clumsy-Classical.

  2. Say what you want, but Lombard from the Presidio to Van Ness is not an endearing stretch of road for newcomers (or anyone really) to appreciate our fine city. I’d take stuff like this over a gas station or decrepit motel any day of the week.

      1. And a few more floors each. Or, at least make it somewhat interesting instead of a box that’s already dated. Living on this stretch of Lombard is as bad as 19th Ave.

    1. I’m talking about construction. If a building slated to open in 2017 paid in-lieu fees prior to construction where are these BMR units being built and when?

      1. You can lookup this information yourself in the San Francisco Development Pipeline, updated quarterly, full dataset as spreedsheet available to browse on line, downloadable, and reported on Socketsite. Currently there are about 100 projects with more than one “affordable unit” in various stages in the pipeline that if they all get built would provide nearly 9000 net affordable units, including about 10 that are 100% affordable with a total of more than 1700 net new affordable units.

  3. I thought SS was going to make it a practice to always include a map locating a development such as this.

    In any event, since the street-numbering is such a nightmare in this town, addresses should always include the cross-street.

    1. I live in the Marina in an older building and pay $5800 for a 2bdr so these won’t be $5K, that’s for sure. Probably closer to $6K or more I would think. Do they have a website?

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