2006 Washington Street

The entire eighth floor of the überexclusive Pacific Heights building at 2006 Washington Street is now officially on the market with a $24.5 million price tag.

Measuring 5,700 square feet and originally occupied by Dean Witter (think Dean Witter Reynolds), that’s roughly $4,300 per square foot for 2006 Washington Street #8 at asking and a hefty premium compared to the 5,700-square-foot unit below (2006 Washington Street #7) which quietly traded hands for $16 million in August 2014.

At the same time, the $24.5 million price tag for unit #8 it could be seen as a relative bargain compared to the record-setting price paid for the slightly smaller unit #10 we revealed two years ago.

Designed by Conrad Alfred Meussdorffer in 1924, the full-floor cooperative apartments at 2006 Washington overlook the Spreckles Mansion, Lafayette Park and, of course, the Bay.

26 thoughts on “Priced at $4,300 per Square Foot in Pacific Heights”
  1. For those who need personal validation via your address and neighbors, this is the ticket. Otherwise, if you are comfortable with who you are, nothing to see here.

    1. …I would think that having $24.5 million dollars to begin with is more their target market.

  2. I’m curious what kind of due diligence one does in these older buildings w/ regard to seismic concerns; in this case – though I don’t know if the frame is steel or concrete (though of course that’s readily found out) – you can see that the (presumably reinforced concrete) perimeter walls provide a reasonable amount of shear resistance, it’s not some weird shape, and the soil isn’t fill; but…

    There are all kinds of things you probably can’t really know (the quantity and quality of the rebar, if remodelling somewhere in the building has compromised/altered load paths, etc), or even if you could know you have no control over since you’re part of a larger building. I wonder if a lot of people who are going to lay out serious coin like this get antsy and just rule out buildings built before 19XX.

    Then again, if you’re Dean Witter maybe this is just an impulse purchase and you take your chances.

    And – last but certainly not least: what’s w/ the “wet bar” stuck in a closet next to the laundry…does Jeeves not take his periodic nips straight anymore ??

    1. I’d definitely hire my own seismic engineer before paying $20M+. Of course, money shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. The building is concrete and steel construction and unknown or under-engineered remodeling projects typical aren’t an issue in these types of buildings with a tightly controlled board and CC&Rs.

    3. That’s the back-up wet bar, for when the place is crawling with guests and you have to keep the gin flowing from both ends of the servants’ zone.

    4. I was wondering the same. The building is probably reinforced masonry though standards were not as strict back then. My mom was looking to move into a similar sized building constructed in the 1960s and even that newer building made me concerned.

  3. Talk about a blast from the past. An entire area is dedicated to servants: separate hallway, bed/bath and elevator!

  4. Back in the good old days, Mr. Witter kept his hunting dogs in a pen he was allowed to build across the street in Lafayette Park. The Witter family sold this apartment when Mrs. Witter died about 20 years ago.

    I’d bet the building is in pretty good nick, and is probably fine seismically. There are no deadbeat owners there. If the building levies an assessment, they pay it.

  5. Is this one of the few co-op type buildings in SF? I thought there was a building in Pacific Heights where the high-powered Democrats are owners. Co-ops are not as common here than in NYC, where you need the right background (education, occupation, family background) + $$$$ in order to buy a unit.

  6. And…drumroll..you get little Dani Steel for a neighbor! Hope the pad comes with parking since she and her kids hog all the spots nearby. Well, maybe not Dani. She’s in Paris these days so she can smoke and wear all those high heels and grow her (dyed) fawn colored hair really long…

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