Having been correctly fingered as Kirk Hammett’s 4,200-square-foot Sea Cliff home by a number of plugged-in reader’s last year, the asking price for 308 Sea Cliff Avenue has just been reduced from $16 million to $14 million in One fell swoop.

And the asking price for the adjacent 5,200-square-foot home at 320 Sea Cliff Avenue, which is also held in trust by Metallica’s attorney, Howard E. King; was listed for sale on the same day, and by the same agent, as 308 Sea Cliff; and currently sports a selection of horror film posters (which Hammett is known to favor) and a guitar (ditto) in its lower-level media room, has just been reduced by $2 million (12.5 percent) to $14 million as well.

320 Sea Cliff Avenue was purchased for $8 million in 2010, five years after Hammett purchased 308 Sea Cliff Avenue for $5.7 million in 2005.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Drew P

    Mic check.

  2. Posted by AnonAnon

    Man that is some pathetic front landscaping for a $14 million house.

  3. Posted by Eddy

    You’d think with all the resources between his place on Divis and these two here he could buy a view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Hope he’s found a new home with a view.

  4. Posted by REpornaddict

    Another Metallica member, James Hetfield, recently left the Bay Area as he was sick of the elitist attitude of SF. He said that they claim to be pro diversity, as long as you are diverse in the same way that they are. I feel ya!

    [Editor’s Note: And don’t forget about Lars.]

    • Posted by Easwuud

      Anti-elitist… yet owns multiple seven to eight figure homes.

  5. Posted by Easwuud

    Sea cliff is so metal.

    Especially these two rather bland homes both interior and exterior – aside from the lovely westerly views.

  6. Posted by anon

    Maybe they should stage the homes properly and don’t market it as former Metallica member home — finding another multi-millionaire rocker who wants to collect Metallica stuff is a problem.

  7. Posted by Susan

    We saw three homes on this street recently, and while there was no mention of any rockstar connection to 320, we were told the wife of the owner was being troublesome as it pertained to price negotiations. Looking further into it, there appeared to be a lot of business mismanagement (according to our realtor). We ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the headache. Interesting to see the substantial reductions, although there was/is a better property on the street with GG views at a smaller price.

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