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Metallica’s Kirk Hammett has long moved on, but his former Pacific Heights home at 2505 Divisadero Street has just returned to the market listed for $9,250,000.

According to its listing, the 10,100 square foot Georgian mansion has been “meticulously remodeled” since being purchased from Hammett for $7,600,000 in December 2009 when last listed for $8,995,000 (originally asking $12,500,000).

In the words of a plugged-in reader two years ago:

Note to new buyer. It’s time to shave the beard off the front of the house. That Ivy is on its last leg and sucks the life out of any chance of curb appeal.

Done. We’ll let you know when photos of the meticulously remodeled interior are online.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Brahma (incensed renter)

    Don’t doubt that the ivy reduces curb appeal, but…from the daily mail online, May 2010; Why ivy creeping up the walls of your home could actually protect the building thanks to ‘thermal shield’:

    If the thought of owning a home with ivy climbing the walls conjures up images of crumbling bricks and rising damp – you can think again.

    Researchers say the plant has been unfairly blamed for causing damage to buildings, often knocking thousands off their sale price.

    The scientists from Oxford University – where ivy adds colour and character to many of the college buildings – found that rather than damaging walls, the plant positively protects them.

    A three-year study concluded that ivy’s web of dark green leaves acts as a ‘thermal shield’, insulating brickwork from the extremes of temperature and moisture that often cause cracks. It can also protect against pollution damage…They found ivy acted as a thermal blanket, warming up walls by 15 per cent in cold weather and cooling them in hot weather by an average 36 per cent.

    I didn’t ever see the ivy on this place in its original form in person (in the previous socketsite photo, I didn’t think it looked that bad), so I can’t say whether or not I’d keep it if I were the buyer (hah! in my wildest dreams…), but I personally wouldn’t always unthinkingly strip the ivy off a home.

  2. Posted by Joshua

    With 2799 Pacific coming soon, that corner will offer plenty of choice to the discriminating Divisadero buyer.

  3. Posted by Longtime Lurker

    Wait, 2799 Pacific is coming on? Is this just a general hunch or is it actually in process?
    If it’s even partially restored, it’s going to be on a completely different level as 2505 Divis and 2800 Pacific. That place is amazing – it has a farking poolhouse!!!
    Anybody can get me on the guest list?
    [Editor’s Note: With respect to 2799 Pacific: Two Years Later And The Bank Gets Its Mansion Back but litigation has stymied its resale.]

  4. Posted by Denis

    Don’t forget 2500 Divis is also for sale off market…
    2799 Pacific was a foreclosure..
    As for 2505… I think it’ll follow the pattern of 2601 Broadway… On and off and few times… Maybe a couple of price reductions before it sells.

  5. Posted by Denis

    Also, it was wisteria, not ivy that covered 2505..
    Personally.. I would lighten the cornice and window trim. I’m not loving the black. It makes the place still look Gothic and kind of creepy

  6. Posted by Northside-Agent

    Denis, I can tell you with absolute certainty that 2500 Divisadero is not for sale off market. Should be listed again at some point, but they’re not even considering offers.
    Longtime, I understand Neal & Sam will be bringing 2799 Pacific on later this Spring.

  7. Posted by Mole Man

    The problem with ivy is that it gets in under eaves and sills, thus damaging gutters and windows and triggering moisture intrusion. As long as the ivy is kept away from where woodwork and flashing meet the exterior it should be fine.

  8. Posted by sf

    Looks good, but the brickwork needs a good washing.

  9. Posted by wrath

    apparently sans pictures too

  10. Posted by johnny

    no comments and/or opinion from eddy on this thread

  11. Posted by tipster

    ^Well, prepared to be amazed when I tell you what I have suspected for the past two years:
    eddy the bull is really Kirk Hammett, the musician!
    Consider the evidence:
    We’ve never seen them together.
    Both use words.
    eddy disappeared during their last world tour.
    Neither one has a recipe for soft serve yogurt.
    I think that proves it.

  12. Posted by eddy

    Why lie. Good work Tipster \m/
    Actually, I make a bitchin’ fro-yo. And I think calling me a bull is a stretch. But I still ride the lightning.
    I’m reserving official comment until pics. But I did comment when the plugged in Denis broke the news on the old thread:

  13. Posted by knightcrimes

    In response to ivy, a recent study from Oxford has found that ivy is actually beneficial to brickwork and masonry and does not break down the mortar turning it into sand. Its been a centuries old myth. The remodel of 2505 Divisadero is focused, as usual, on bathrooms and kitchen. No structural alterations or changes to floorplan which could have made a significant impression. Work should have also focused on front exterior and landscaping making it more private from busy Divisadero and seperating it as much as possible from its other large brick neighbors.

  14. Posted by sf builder

    Hate to point out a glaring negative, but ivy (and wisteria, and any other vines) tend to provide an inviting environment for ROOF RATS!! It is a direct highway for them to climb up the side of your building, and they love to climb. I’ve seen the damage — they climb right up the vines, and they will enlarge any little hole around a downspout and happily invade your attic.
    And yes, even in Pac Heights — rats are everywhere in this city. The dirty secret is that vines are most often removed from buildings after the owner discovers the unwanted guests and pays big bucks to an exterminator to get rid of them.
    I know — i’ve seen the whole scenario play out only a couple blocks from this listing. 😉
    In another case, I was working on a home on Broadway a few years back. (close to Broadway and Steiner). While I was there the neighbors started excavation for a new foundation, and the rats that were disturbed by the digging literally poured out onto Broadway in broad daylight!!!

  15. Posted by snarky

    It’s a David Bellings listing folks, don’t hold your breath on whether it sells this decade. He’s did a plum job with 2601 Broadway

  16. Posted by Eddy

    Pics updated. Looks much improved but I think they will get in the 8s. But I’d like to see the disclosures to know what’s been done. This wasn’t a flip so curious on the story too.

  17. Posted by johnny

    I say 5’s

  18. Posted by Denis

    The only things updated seem to be the kitchen, the master bath, and perhaps the music room was turned into a cheap looking wine cellar. This was in no way shape or form a true remodel with complete systems updating, etc… I say 7.5… but mostly likely it just gets withdrawn from the market.

  19. Posted by johnny

    I say in 6’s if lucky

  20. Posted by Joshua

    Believe the owners are relocating for work…

  21. Posted by johnny

    they should just rent it out v sell

  22. Posted by SocketSite

    After 224 days on the market, the listing for 2505 Divisadero has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

  23. Posted by SocketSite

    UPDATE: Having been relisted for $11.85 million last September, and then reduced to $10.995 million in March, the listing for 2505 Divisadero has once again been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

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