2140 Jefferson Street 2016

Listed for $9.25 million this past May and briefly pulled from the MLS when the Million Dollar Listing agent changed brokerages, the list price for Peter Thiel’s Marina mansion at 2140 Jefferson Street, which overlooks both the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Bridge, has just been reduced by $1.25 million (14 percent) to an even $8 million.

The iconic Silicon Valley investor and PayPal co-founder purchased the 7,000-square-foot pad for $6.5 million in 2010, after which he invested in reconfiguring and redecorating the home.

11 thoughts on “Million Dollar Price Cut for Peter Thiel’s Mansion”
  1. Interesting compare/contrast with the house at 164 Sea Cliff recently offered at $18.9mm, MLS #450115. Similar size, level of finish, etc. for more than twice as much (asking). Sea Cliff house is probably overpriced as well, but has much more impressive bridge and ocean views. Could draw in an overseas money-parker.

    Seems like Thiel is likely taking a loss on it at this point after $6.5mm purchase and “a fortune” spent on decorating, per a previous (5 year ago) comment.

    1. No comparison…164 Sea Cliff is amazing, the finishes are amazing the views are amazing. This house is large but the finishes are average, very typical for the area. The location is not the best, very hard to get to with your car because of where the driveway is located. The house also does not have the greatest views compared to say Marina Blvd. Plus who wants to give money to Peter Thiel…not me.

  2. Either this is an attractive price or one of the following is occurring: (a) most of the rest of town is overvalued, or (b) the property suffers from declining marginal utility of additional square footage beyond 5,000 sqft. Any other opinions? I’d say the recent work done was high quality, the views are better than just good, the neighborhood is good even though not as desirable as prime Presidio Heights etc.

  3. Something odd is happening with higher-end listings. First, this house is a hard sell because of the throngs of tourists and zero privacy. However, there seems to be a general consensus that 7.5MM is the new high end target price in D7. There are about 7 listings near that target figure. Everything over that has been sitting so agents seem afraid to overprice. However, new listings have been paltry and the cost to buy into Pacific Heights proper has never been higher. My guess is sellers sense a peak in the market and aren’t listing resulting in a lot of weirdness. Aside from a nightmare fixer on Sacramento and a townhouse on Divis with no parking, the cheapest home is 6.5MM.

  4. I don’t think it lacks privacy at all. Most tourists don’t get that far, exploratorium is gone, the entrance is behind the property.

    Folks with kind of money want to live up hill.

    1. I walk around the palace frequently and can clearly see right into all the houses. There are constantly throngs of strangers walking around and gawking into the interiors. I would feel like a prisoner in a glass house in this area and if I had the cash would be looking more up hill in Pac heights or Presidio heights which actually feels like a neighborhood and not the front lot of Disneyland

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