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While Peter Thiel, the iconic Silicon Valley investor and co-founder of PayPal, prepares to take center stage at the Republican National Convention, the staged listing for his Marina Mansion at 2140 Jefferson Street has just been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

Purchased for $6.5 million in 2010, at which point Thiel was renting the 7,000-square-foot pad, which overlooks both the Palace of Fine Arts and Golden Gate Bridge, the home hit the market listed for $9.25 million this past May, having been reconfigured and redecorated in between.

UPDATE: 2140 Jefferson Street has been relisted anew for $9.25 million with an official 1 day on the market. The de-listing and re-listing appears to have been driven by the listing agent having moved from one brokerage (Climb) to another (Sotheby’s).

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  1. I wonder if he has assessed the value of his startups more accurately than the value of his real estate.

    1. Indeed. Although I couldn’t help but think that there was too much murmuring in the background. Perhaps they should have turned the mic up more when he was speaking.

        1. I’m no fan of the GOP or Thiel but I respect him for having integrity. Silicon Valley folks who back Hillary are two faced libertarians in the streets, crony capitalists in the sheets.

          1. What are Silicon Valley folks that back Trump? Avatars of intellectual progress and intelligence in the streets, cave dwelling religious zealots and tribal chest thumpers in their salons?

            I mean…what does Trump represent to Silicon Valley?

    2. Yeah it was an excellent speech and a call for the US to stop in-fighting and return to the days when it was a technology powerhouse everywhere (and not just in a tiny strip of it along one coast). He raised a great point and the fact that he’s a gay Republican who supports Donald Trump really shouldn’t detract from his message.

      1. Technology has never been less concentrated or more distributed in the USA than it is now. Similar worldwide. How can anyone hope to understand the contemporary world and not realize that and that it is a very longterm trend? Maybe try a ride on the newfangled information superhighway, the great greasy defrictionalizer of tech diffusion and collaboration.

        The concentration of wealth, however….

        1. Actually, I would disagree. This probably depends on your definition of “technology” which in your world is the Internet.

          There are far more technologies than that however.

          The ironic thing about his speech, given that he’s a Libertarian, is that it appeared to advocate a return to the glory days of massive DoD/DARPA tech funding being spread liberally across the nation in pursuit of the defeat of communism. It was a worthy goal and worth spending our money on but it was nothing if not a “big government” spending program.

        2. Yes Jimmy, there are certainly far more technologies than the Internet in my world (planet Earth). FTR, the Internet is more a communications system (network of networks) built with many technologies than a technology per se. Like the US freeway system uses many technologies and the the modern air traffic control system, and the telephone network and banking networks and international shipping systems. FWIW, most of which I have toiled among their tech.

          Notice how all of those systems increase in value as their technologies diffuse more widely. It is natural for technology to diffuse. Been going on for tens of thousands of years.
          Happening faster and faster (fasterer) with the ever lowering costs of comms, transport, capital flows, and trade barriers; combined with the liberalization of education and business laws in more countries.

          BTW, one of my companies has manufactured physical products on three continents and shipped them to 6 continents. This is commonplace now, but wasn’t when I started out. I’m currently building a new kind of massively distributed system with active technology development in US, Asia, and EU. I don’t think even 10% of our team lives in the same area code. Tech diffusion is to humans as the Second Law of Thermo is to Physics.

          I personally don’t care and didn’t listen to what Thiel said at the convention. I’ve been on the receiving end of firehoses of DARPA and other DoD tech funding. Not the most efficient way to technologize the nation, liberally, widely, deeply, or otherwisely. Very efficient way to enrich a relatively small coterie of the connected. Ya want more tech more widely in the USA, then educate the citizens instead of importing half the technologists from the other side of the Trump wall.

          BTW, I do care that, as Clay Shirky wrote (namelink), “Trump can win, if…” And I would hate to blame Trump’s election on the new butt pimple I got from sitting it out. 108 days to November 8th.

  2. He supports a party with a platform that wants to convert him and deny him rights. He should have stayed home.

    1. I’ll bet you that what he did will be far more effective at changing minds in that party than what the code pink protestors are doing. Pretty brave of him, really.

      1. I doubt it. This is the party that dedicated a segment of it’s convention to discussing Bill Clinton’s sexual history and still backs the pro-discrimination laws. The GOP thanks Thiel for his support and would be happier if he suddenly became “cured” of his affliction.

      2. Did you actually listen to the convention? There are speakers calling for Hillary to be shot. Chachi was given a prominent role. The Duck Dynasty goofball is calling for a theocracy.

        Geez. Some of this commentariate is worse than SF Gate on this issue.

      3. Utterly delusional if you think this guy’s speech will change the minds of the GOP. They are not swayed by reason nor fact.

      4. Oh, please. There have been gay Republican groups, including (former) senators and congresscritters, for decades. All they’ve seemed to accomplish is hardening their party’s anti-gay stances.

        The GOP of the 1970s was FAR more gay friendly.

    2. At the end of his speech his stated that he does not support “every plank” of his party’s platform. So he definitely doesn’t support that aspect of the party. A large organization like the Republican party is bound to have dissent along all sorts of ideological lines including gay rights. I’m guessing most intelligent Democrats don’t agree with every single piece of party orthodoxy either.

      1. who knows what he supports? He just invents things on the fly. He has no positions other than “Make money. Publicize me. next week, he will be calling for the gays to be thrown from the ramparts like the Koran and Bible bangers advocate.

      1. They applauded in order to deceive the viewing audience. You don’t applaud gay rights while simultaneously supporting the most anti-gay platform in 30 years.

    3. Exactly. As a gay man, I’m offended by him even being there supporting a narrow minded bigoted political party who still supports conversion therapy for homosexuality and would like to take away marriage rights to all gay people.

      He’s a traitor.

        1. The time for “baby steps” was over years ago. Demanding full equality in every aspect of life is the only thing acceptable.

      1. As a gay man I’m offended by gay people who’ve made themselves pawns of the Democratic machine whom it takes completely for granted.

        1. Throwing someone’s words back at them can often be an effective debate tactic. But this example is just silly as it is so ungrounded by reality.

        2. Oh please, spare us. You know perfectly well how much the Republicans truly hate the gay community. I mean the RNC convention actually had that incredibly divisive and hateful bigot Tony Perkins. He would like us gay people all locked if he could do it. “Think of the children”.

        3. Indeed, thank goodness the Klingons came along and imposed all those pro-gay policies while the Dems where toying with us…

  3. Why won’t this sell? It’s been remodeled, has great views and at around $1,300/sq. ft seems to reasonably priced for the neighborhood. Any educated guesses?

    1. Yes, and also in general these ginormous places tend to drop in per sq ft price concurrent with size. So if you buy an acre of house in sf, it comes in at under $1000 per sq ft. Its overpriced and yes, its not that great looking.

      I used to love that location but between the whack street changes made by the SFMTAINT and an influx of tourist hordes and wedding photographers, its no longer a quiet lost little corner of the city. I’m glad I saw it when it still was.

  4. Many people (including me) wouldn’t risk purchasing on landfill. After the big earthquake Pac heights will recover but not sure about the Marina.

    1. Yes, after the next quake the Marina will be forevermore a wasteland, left rotting in an otherwise shining city. NOT.

  5. i like Peter and thought his speech was good, especially for a repub convention. Tumps speech on the other hand was horrific.

    Peter did take a nasty potshot at Oakland. Saying silicon valley is thriving , but you have to go no further than oakland to see economic struggles, insinuating Oakland is much closer to cleveland and rust belt cities than it is to SF and SV.

    1. Or simply acknowledging that Oakland has many depressed neighborhoods; of course the same could be said for San Francisco, and SV itself has East Palo Alto, but I doubt that would mean much to those not familiar w/ Bay Area geography (or even the few “should know better” commenters on this website who continue to make asinine generalizations).

        1. i dont think that was his point. he like most SFers and SVers think Oakland is a sh#thole, whether it is true or not.

          1. we are talking about the Republican Party here. Southern Strategy and all that. You may be right, but so am I. Dogwhistle.

    2. you don’t have to go any further than the offices of Silicon Valley to see economic struggles. You just have to be there when the janitorial crews are. Not everyone in SV is ‘thriving.’

        1. Here is the actual comment

          “But Silicon Valley is a small place. Drive out to Sacramento, or even across the bridge to Oakland, and you won’t see the same prosperity”

          I would say it’s a rather mild, factually accurate observation, though people will read into what they want based on their preconceptions (both of Oakland and of what he “really meant”)

          1. Silicon Valley has far more residents living in poverty than Oakland, though it has about half the poverty rate. The City of San Jose alone has more residents than Oakland living in poverty. Easy to find too: central San Jose, near San Jose State, has census tracts with poverty rates ~50%, about the same as the highest in Oakland or SF (Tenderloin).

            whatever the truthiness of his statement, the prosperity gradient within Silicon Valley is much greater than between SV and Oakland or Sacramento. Focusing on geographic differences obscures the impact of the GOP tax and social policies on income distribution, but then it is easier to pass an elephant through the eye of a needle….

    3. He is typical of those isolated by their own success, divorced from the reality of the majority of humans who have never enjoyed nor ever will enjoy the lifestyle you do no matter how much Libertarian fairydust you throw at them.

  6. UPDATE: 2140 Jefferson Street has been relisted anew for $9.25 million with an official 1 day on the market. The de-listing and re-listing appears to have been driven by the agent having moved from one brokerage (Climb) to another (Sotheby’s).

  7. maybe the bernie bros and code pink can get all their protester friends to drink a lot of water and pee on it since that’s about the level of discourse you can expect from the ultra lefties anymore.

    1. You can say this with a straight face after a convention featuring Chachi, Duck Dynasty, and theocratic loons calling for Hillary to be SHOT?

      LOL. Sure Bart. Sure.

  8. We used to hide out in this place’s front hedgepath and get stoned before going into the Exploratorium.

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