45 Berryessa Way

Having hit the market listed for $4.2 million ten months ago, “priced for somebody who really wanted the quirky 2,730-square-foot home rather than a developer or individual looking for a nearly 2-acre lot upon which to build a much larger Hillsborough house,” the asking price the iconic ‘Flintstone House’ at 45 Berryessa Way was reduced by 10 percent ($420,000) to $3.78 million five months ago.

And this morning, the asking price for the quirky home and nearly two-acre lot was reduced another $585,000 to $3.195 million.

Or as we wrote when the house hit the market last year: Tour The Iconic Flintstone House Before It’s Reduced To Rubble.

11 thoughts on “Iconic Flintstone House Now Listed for a Million Less”
  1. I love the idea of this house. But the lot is steeply sloped, the house is probably very quirky to live in and the location faces Hwy 280 with constant traffic and noise 24/7. I’m not surprised it’s proving difficult to sell.

    1. Yeah, this is going to appeal to a very small subset of the population, and then they have to be willing to spend $3M+ on it

      1. The other problem is that the lot is 1.99 acres, thereby preventing subdivision into two lots, which might otherwise (theoretically) make for a viable project. Minimum lot size in that part of Hillsborough is an acre.

        Whimsical architectural homes like this are an endangered species in an era of $3M+ prices.

        1. Seems like the owner could appeal for an exception since it is less that 1% short of the required lot size. Hopefully the planning department isn’t super strict.

  2. I’ve seen the house – in it’s heyday, it was awesome with amazing views. But I must admit I wouldn’t want to live there. Still, it’s an iconic building IMO and I hope someone buys it!

  3. What a whimsical endeavor. We prob won’t see this type of personal expression on this scale again ever.

  4. UPDATE: Removed from the MLS in November, the iconic Flintstone house has just been relisted anew for $3.195 million and an official “1” day on the market according to all industry stats and MLS-based reports.

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