2140 Jefferson

As a plugged-in reader notes, the sale of 2140 Jefferson closed escrow today. Originally asking $8,180,000 in September but reduced to $7,400,000 in October, the reported contract price was $6,500,000. And it’s a tip of the hat to that new MLS rule.

An End To Confidential MLS Sales* (*Unless You’re Willing To Pay) [SocketSite]

3 thoughts on “A Tip Of The Hat To That New MLS Rule: 2140 Jefferson Closes Escrow”
  1. Thanks for the link. Looks like they improved it quite a bit. There were a bunch of issues with the house(s). It just felt like it was two narrow homes stitched together without much thought to the integration. Curious to see if it comes back and what it looks like now. And what they ask. Wonder who bought the Teed Washington home?

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