298 Alabama Street Massing

Dandelion Chocolates is planning to build a new four-story building behind their Mission District factory at 298 Alabama Street. And the proposed plans include a new rooftop pool, but not in a Willy Wonka kind of way.

298 Alabama Street Massing

In addition to 14,000 square feet of new Production, Distribution and Repair (PDR) space which would be internally connected to the existing building at 298 Alabama for Dandelion’s use, the proposed development includes 13,000 square feet of office space (the tenant for which has yet to be identified) and a 15,000 square foot gym to be operated by Purplepatch Fitness as a health, performance, and education center for triathletes, and for whom the rooftop pool would be maintained.

Dandelion Chocolates acquired the warehouse building and parcel back in 2014, as we first reported at the time. And Mark Horton Architecture has been engaged to draft the proposed development’s design. We’ll continue to keep you posted and plugged-in.

11 thoughts on “Chocolatier Planning Mission District Addition with a Rooftop Pool”
  1. They may be self-funded as the founders sold their SV address book startup to comcast. From stanford education to sv socialware to sf candy.

    FWIW, they are on the edge of the Mission Creek floodplain. Dig down enough and they would have a pool filed by Mission Creek itself.

  2. Chocolate factory and fitness center in the same building… keep going, I like where this is headed…

  3. As long as it stays small batch, artisanal, locavorian, slow food, hormone free, responsibly sourced, free trade, short run, beardo crafted, organic, GMO free, humanely harvested, curated ethically, sustainably grown, dry farmed, farm to table, gluten free, no added sugar and organic the neighborhood should embrace the expansion. Long live the bearded makers of fine chocolate for the (well to do) masses!

      1. We used to be across the freeway from Guittard. Some days, when the wind was just right, it was hard to concentrate on work, the urge for chocolate was so strong. On the other hand, every now and then, some aspect of the process would waft across 101 and we thought we were gonna get sick.

  4. The city, so concerned about loss of PDR space, should allow Dandelion to sell “loss of PDR offset credits” to developers of residential projects that would result in loss of PDR space, such as the so-called Beast on Bryant.

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