298 Alabama Street

Remember that Financial Times report that Google had quietly taken over an industrial building at 16th and Alabama and was planning to use the space to house a collection of recently aquired start-ups in the Mission? A report that was widely re-reported but which we quickly debunked?  Well, unless Google recently acquired Dandelion Chocolate (which they haven’t), it’s time to put that Financial Times’ mis-report to rest.

Last week, Dandelion Chocolate revealed that they have purchased the former Howard Quinn printing company building at 298 Alabama Street and will be spending the next couple of years building it out as another production facility for their chocolate along with space for chocolate education and retail as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by EcceMorons

    Too late. I’ve already eaten foods that will make me vomit, so I’m gonna go puke on the building anyway. The chocolate industry is run by 1%er’s!! They’re ruining my city!!

    • Posted by SFJohn

      What does that even mean?

      • Posted by EcceMorons

        Well, I thought there was another Google bus protest today, so I prepared myself. Apparently it was called off, so I need a new target to vomit on.

        C’mon, man, is my satire THAT indecipherable? 🙂

  2. Posted by poor.ass.millionaire

    Dandelion chocolates sounds like a vanity project with deep pockets.

    • Posted by James

      Yep. $150 million in tech money. And now they’re selling $7 candy bars.

      • Posted by poor.ass.millionaire

        Thx for confirming my suspicion 🙂

  3. Posted by SFCitizen

    How does Dandelion compare to Joseph Schmidt or Christopher Elbow chocolate?

    • Posted by curmudgeon

      Well, Joseph Schmidt, sadly, was bought by Hershey and closed it down

  4. Posted by Jeff

    It’s not clear that they purchased the actual building. I’m thinking they leased a portion of it. Would like to hear from someone closer to the project.

  5. Posted by Gill

    Dandelion is a chocolate maker, as was Scharffenberger (also bought by Hersey). Joseph Schmidt and Christopher Elbow are confectioners. They use chocolate made by others to make confections.

  6. Posted by Brian M

    all are unworthy of San Francisco. Only non-luxury products made by and for peasant entrepeneurs with questional immigration status is allowed in the Mission!

  7. Posted by Louis Bois

    Apple has gained $100 billion in market cap in 3 months and employs ~20,000 people in the Bay Area. I’d be worried if I was a renter. That is where the true wealth is, and not startups like Pinterest, AirBnB etc

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