Mission Bay Kids Park

The new Mission Bay Kids’ Park at the intersection of Long Bridge and China Basin Streets, which has sat finished but fenced-off for months, has been certified as safe and is slated to open tomorrow, July 1.

But the new 2.4-acre Mariposa Park at the corner of Mariposa and Owens, on the southern most portion of Mission Bay between Interstate 280 (as it currently stands) and UCSF’s Medical Center, which is also construction complete, will remain fenced-off for now but is still slated to open by the end of summer.

5 thoughts on “Waylaid Mission Bay Kids’ Park Slated to Open”
  1. Sheesh, if you’re going to surround a completed playground with construction fencing for an indeterminate amount of time, use the panels with green fabric so the kids don’t have to stare at it.

    1. Blocking easy line of sight visual access into this area would have created a security problem. That would have more than likely resulted in people using it as a bathroom, setting up tents, etc.

    1. They have said it was going to be open several times in the past and missed the date. City does not keep its promises and their are no consequences…

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