Mission Bay Kids Park

Construction complete and originally scheduled to open in May, the fenced-off Mission Bay park at the intersection of Long Bridge and China Basin Streets, which has been taunting neighborhood kids and other residents for months, is now positioned to open in July.

Following our report that the Mission Bay Kids’ Park, which still needs to be certified as safe, wasn’t expected to open until late summer, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors expedited its adoption of the ordinance to officially accept, name and dedicate the parcel as a park, which it formally passed this afternoon, clearing the way for the park to be certified and open to the public next month.

7 thoughts on “Waylaid Mission Bay Park Should Open next Month”
  1. Finally a gathering spot for kids to help give a visual of how many kids live in Mission Bay and nearby. Sad that kids have had to walk by this playground for months because a lack of coordination between silo-minded departments. Thank God that’s mostly in the past in this project’s case. Yeah for families!

  2. I live in the area and people have been complaining about the redtape on that park for almost a year now. I could understand if there’s no budget to hire people to maintain the park, but it seemed like there were some superfluous bureaucratic processes holding it up.

  3. Why are there no restrooms in this entire development? Are we so scared of the hobos that we can’t have nice things anymore? How is anyone with little kids going to enjoy this place? It is a travesty that they have created an entire new city and not ONE public restroom. If we are going “Transit First” then why no public accommodations?

  4. The incompetence at DPW and City Hall on Mission Bay is nothing short of staggering. There are several parks long promised, some constructed, and not yet open. Same for the roads. Streets that do not connect that have been under construction for years. Not a lack of $$$ – just incompetence.

    1. not only that Pablito – on the yet to be built park parcels in Mission Bay, MB Development is actively placing for-profit businesses that are not conforming to park/green space use: food truck court advertised as an event venue, outdoor roller rink with amplified music, bath house/spa of shipping containers, the list goes on.

      Why don’t they just plant some lawn on the lots until they can be built out as promised in the approved development plan? instead they continue to pursue incompatible commercial uses for park spaces adjacent to residential and medical office/care buildings that don’t fit the plan or neighborhood.

      MB development has failed with parks, and interim use of those lots they are pursuing is not as intended, planned, or represented to the community.

  5. On the flip side, it’s the longest any playground in this city has ever existed without being vandalized or becoming a dwelling spot for vagrants.

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