Mission Bay Mariposa Park Plan

Hot on the heels of Mission Bay’s only Children’s Park which is slated to open this May, the 2.4-acre “Mariposa Park” under construction on the southern most portion of Mission Bay, to the north of Mariposa Street, between Interstate 280 and UCSF’s new Medical Center, is slated to be completed in June.

In addition to a large multi-use lawn in the middle, Mariposa Park will include a plaza and picnic area on its northeast corner, a small children’s play area near the Medical Center, and gabion rubble wall benches throughout.

18 thoughts on “New Mission Bay Park Slated For June Opening”
  1. For some reason I thought this site was originally targeted for sports fields. Or am I thinking of something else in Mission Bay?

    [Editor’s Note: Perhaps you’re thinking of Parcel P7, near the roundabout to the north, which is slated to become a little league/softball diamond?]

    1. UC long ago was saying it would put in a soccer field a little north of the current child care facility. I think those plans were long ago scrapped in favor of more student and faculty housing.

  2. What a lovely space for young and old alike to breath in the benzene-rich diesel exhaust plumes of Caltrain equipment motoring out of the train yard. Makes for a wonderful one-two punch of COPD combined with the asbestos and metallic brake dust raining from the overhead freeway and inbound Caltrain equipment approaching the train yard. Is the goal to create a farming system for UCSF clinical trials?

    1. You don’t need human subjects for clinical trials anymore. Benzene exposure causes anemia and other forms of blood cancers I believe. UCSF @ Mission Bay has advanced robotics (inpatient pharmacy, roaming the halls to deliver meals and meds to hospital patients) which is really cool. I can’t wait for a kiosk type machine (available 24/7 like an ATM) to scan my arm and precisely draw blood thereby obviating the need for phlebotomists.

  3. What a difference between two cities. The mission bay park while great is more like an after thought while B.C. makes community it’s primary focus.

  4. “Rubble walls” aka Hescos? What is this, a forward operating base in Afghanistan? Might as well add a 50 cal and some mortars.

  5. Mariposa = butterfly in Spanish. Butterfly park. Hopefully fully the City is planting some milkweed (Asclepias) in this park. Pretty much zero Monarch butterfly’s are left in SF.

  6. Given the location and size this is a really weak attempt to provide a park. Too small for any organized activities, and not really big enough to support other than sitting and taking a smoke break. Its clear that this parcel was too small to fit any serious development.

    This is a ‘pocket park’ thrown out to say UCSF complied with open space requirements.

    What happened to the 4 full soccer fields planned next to Bakar?

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