UCSF Mission Bay Medical Center (

Having broken ground in 2010, construction on UCSF’s Medical Center at Mission Bay is officially complete, finishing eight days ahead of schedule.

The 289-bed hospital and medical building will be outfitted over the next five months.

And on February 1, 2015, the $1.5 billion children’s, women’s and cancer hospital complex will open.

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  1. Posted by Keepitup

    Gotta think once the Warriors finish their new boom box every patient ought to have a ring side seat to all the concerts and events. Uhm…what did they say, 200 to 300 events?

    Just wondering, you think they sound proofed the hospital? lol

    Should make for interesting neighborhood discussions in the coming months. what do ya think?

    • Posted by anon

      The Warriors claim the arena will be soundproof. Unfortunately the 18,000 fans coming to the arena, leaving the arena and hanging out in the area are not soundproof.

      • Posted by Keepitup

        Yeah and Larry Bare said, “we have designed our new ball park stadium to stop the music and sound at the lip”. Yada, yada, yada. I guess the folks in Glen Park had a string attached to a can so they could hear the last Beyonce concert.

        The owner of Blooms on Potereo Hill said, “it sounded like he had front row seats in his bar”. lol.

        Sound proof, LMAO. yada, yada, yada.

    • Posted by getoverit, yada yada

      A hospital built to deal with the sound from ambulance sirens pulling up to it can handle the noise from an enclosed arena 200 feet away.

  2. Posted by Noise

    Have you ever been hospitalized and had a good night’s sleep? Either you doped out of your mind or your half awake. Geeze just being near a nursing station is like Grand Central Station.

  3. Posted by Roseanne

    If it opens 5 months from now, how is that complete?

    • Posted by redseca2

      It takes that long for UCSF to move their people and equipment into the new building and get everything up and running.

  4. Posted by Anonandon

    1.5 billion! The cost per square foot of modern health care construction in the U.S. vs. ANY other country in the world is amazing.

    • Posted by asiago

      but so is the return on investment!

  5. Posted by PN

    Here’s some background on why hospitals are so expensive: How Will Your Hospital Fare in the Next Earthquake?

    That doesn’t include issues like everyone gets a private room (very important for infection control) and the increased footprint necessary for an increasingly obese population. And the noise? This building has a helipad on the roof.

    • Posted by PN

      Wow. Line editing comments now, Editor?

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