862-864 Wood Street

The nearly identical sister home to 862 Wood Street in the Lower Bottoms neighborhood of West Oakland, which was listed for $824,500 in April and sold for $1,025,000 last month, has just been listed as well.

While the best comp for 864 Wood Street would seem to be 862 Wood, which sold for $457 per square foot, 864 Wood, which measures an identical 2,245 square feet, has been listed at “$849,000” or $378 per foot.

And as such, expect 864 Wood to sell for well “over asking!” (or for a massive wave of buyer’s remorse next door).

32 thoughts on “The next West Oakland Home to Break the Million Dollar Mark?”
  1. I feel like these should have been built as mirror-images. Isn’t that right-click functionality in AutoCad? Couldn’t have saved much by repeating and not mirroring.

    The lack of symmetry seems like a huge missed opportunity.

        1. ummm…the tree is in the way of the driveway to do a mirror image. Or to do the same the tree is in the way of the stairs. I like the solution to keep the tree and twist the stair.

        2. I love it when we all talk past each other. People of earth, the house on the right (which sold last month) is constrained by two trees (an oak in the middle courtyard and the palm tree out front). The design of the right house was dictated by the in situ landscaping (and, short of cutting down the trees, fixed). When soccer mom talks about mirroring the houses, she means the left house mirroring the one the the right (that would be, right click the left house).

          Or am I missing something?

    1. I like that the siting of the first home was based on the two trees (palm and oak) on the property. The second home is the same, despite not having any trees. Will be interesting to see what the owners of this place make of the courtyard in the middle of the house.

    2. “a huge missed opportunity” yes, in the realm of first world problems it’s right up there with diabetes prevention. Many folks would rather not have an adjoining neighbors front door parallel to theirs.

      1. I hadn’t realized that single family home architecture and widespread societal health risks were competing issues to which attention should be paid. My bad. Hella good comment.

  2. Interesting that street view on google maps has virtually every block in the area neighborhood except for this one…

    1. I noticed that too. Kudos for reading the discussion last time and using the name of the neighborhood! Thank you!

      1. The one thing that makes me want to move is Oaklanders effed-up mentality that first the world owes them something and second that you conform to exactly how they see things. Sometimes WeOak just means West Oakland.

        1. Please move then. Its pretty clear you weren’t born and raised in Oakland – and certainly not in the flats. Gonna go out on a limb and say your a white dude who moved to Oakland and bought a condo in Uptown.

          1. Darn immigrants! Time to build a big beautiful wall. Make Oakland Great Again!

        2. Maybe Oaklanders are sick of first worlders like you celebrating and encouraging million dollar homes in a neighborhood with no full scale grocery store, homelessness, and a dwindling community of color.

          Maybe it’s not that we think you owe us…but maybe that you should be accountable to the type of environment you’re creating, with resources we don’t have access to and without our consent or participation.

          Maybe we’re a little bitter after the city of Oakland built federal facilities and freeways right through the middle of our homes, and only seem to want to improve things when affluent “first worlders” want to move in because San Francisco is too pricey, and Lower Bottoms seems “hip”.

          So sick of you people.

          1. Don’t worry. Soon there will be a Bi-Rite type market, followed by a Whole Foods (one of the new ones with condos above and ample underground parking).

            New development will push the homeless out… large scale development will have private security, and a more affluent population will bring a police presence to harass the homeless until they go somewhere else. If you no longer have to see the poor, poverty is solved.

            The communities of color will be quarantined to public housing, like in the Western Addition, until a later phase, when a negotiation can be made for tearing down the public housing in favor of privatizing it and allowing a small proportion of former residents stay.

            Once that’s done, an environmental case can be made for relocating and redeveloping the port.

            This is colonial occupation. What matters is land. An existing or historical population might be useful to a small degree as a source of cheap labor, but that’s about it. And it will need to move to a more marginal area.

          2. Will the improvements in the public education system or the decreased crime rates trouble be more troubling?

            The addition of a grocery store or the reduction of the local drug trade?

    1. Any time a person holds a superior opinion based on where he was born, Donald Trump wins a little more.

  3. I love Oakland, in case you all don’t already know that.

    But this set of semi twin Tetris blocks er uh I mean ” sophisticated houses” er uh I dunno what to say…. Except these two are fugly! God bless the people who love them enough to buy them!!!

  4. Edit to my above….and these two are nothing like the Tetris building posted on SS the other day on Polk or wherever it was…. That I think compliments and enhances a hodgepodge of buildings that makes a street and city more interesting…. Nope these two are just wrong.

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