53-55 Pomona Street

The listing for the two-unit Bayview “castle” at 53-55 Pomona Street, which is not to be confused with the Bayview castle at 1540 Newhall Street nor the Albion Castle 881 Innes Avenue, has been withdrawn from the MLS without a reported sale.

Having traded hands for $880,000 in 2006, the Pomona Street property was foreclosed upon in 2008 and resold for $330,000 in 2012.  And having since been remodeled, the property returned to the market listed for $995,000 last month.

The Albion Castle, which was purchased by a mortgage broker for $2,090,000 in 2005 and outfitted with a $10,592 “throne,” resold for $820,000 in late 2011.

UPDATE: Bayview Castle Fetches $1.39M, 4x Its 2012 Purchase Price

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by ElitistPig

    Well there’s your problem, the color scheme is clearly meant for a Stark.

  2. Posted by soccermom

    “We were looking for a bigger drawbridge. My kids need a bigger drawbridge.”

    “My client demands more gargoyles.”

    “Look, we really like the place, we just can’t envision where we would hang our tapestries.”

    • Posted by ElitistPig

      I also don’t think that garage door can hold up against wildling raiders.

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      And the dungeon was way too small for this neighborhood.

    • Posted by JustLooking

      Could not resist:
      Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: “This is a castle and we have many tapestries, and if you are a Scottish lord then I am Mickey Mouse!”

  3. Posted by Wai Yip Tung

    I like the Franklin Castle‘s stone finishes more.

  4. Posted by bearcon

    Hold on…so

    2005 Sold $2M
    2006 Sold $880K
    2008 foreclosed
    2011 Resold $820K
    2012 Sold $330K
    Remodeled and listed $995K


    • Posted by shza

      No, the 2005 and 2011 numbers are for a different castle in the Bayview (the “Albion Castle”). As absurd as that sounds.

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