1070 Green Street #1501 Living

Listed for $7.5 million last month, twice the price at which the three-bedroom Russian Hill condo had been purchased at the end of 2013 prior to being completely remodeled by Black Mountain Construction with April Sheldon Design, and a sale at which would have topped $3,000 per square foot, the sale of 1070 Green Street #1501 has closed escrow with a contract price of $6.875 million ($2,799 per foot).

At the same time, the Russian Hill unit #1601 within The Royal Towers at 1750 Taylor Street, which was also remodeled by Black Mountain Construction but with a different architect, remains on the market, but not officially listed, for $10.5 million.

And at $3,165 per square foot, 1750 Taylor #1601 remains the priciest apartment on the market in San Francisco.

1750 Taylor #1601 Living

2 thoughts on “Russian Hill Condo Misses The $3K Mark (But Fetches $6.9M)”
  1. I don’t know. All that white. Kinda bland to me. I would be afraid I would get it dirty. But they can afford a maid, I guess.


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