264 Clipper Street

Listed for $2.25 million in 2012, the Noe Valley Victorian at 264 Clipper Street which was remodeled under the direction of Envelope Architecture + Design, and embedded with a Space Invader in the concrete out front, sold for $1.895 million in January 2013.

Returned to the market two weeks ago listed for $1.895 million, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that 264 Clipper is already in contract and will sell for “over asking!”

264 Clipper Rear

That being said, if you think you know Noe it’s once again time to tell.

6 thoughts on “Space Invader Home In Contract”
  1. Looks like the backyard skate park is gone. Good idea since that has even narrower appeal than a swimming pool.

    It seems like the owners who heavily modified this house didn’t stay long. I’d think that with so much investment you’d want to stick around for at least a decade.

    I won’t predict the price but will predict that the new owner will remove the space invader mosaic. If so, can I have it?

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