264 Clipper Street

As we wrote and revealed about 264 Clipper Street back in 2009:

The Envelope Architecture + Design remodel of 264 Clipper Street over in Noe Valley lands in The New York Times today.

Purchased for $1,368,000 in August of 2005 according to public records (“$1 million in 2005” according to the Times). Renovated at a cost of “just under $500,000” in 2007.

There’s a sweet little studio below with garage door leading to a backyard designed by Flora Grubb. And sorry, it’s not on the market…

Listed for $2,250,000 this past October, the sale of 264 Clipper closed escrow on Tuesday with a reported contract price of $1,895,000.

Once again, purchased for $1,368,000 in August 2005 and renovated at a cost of just under $500,000 in 2007 for a total investment of just under $1,868,000, more or less a push, but “appreciation” of 39 percent since 2005 according to industry stats and giving the average neighborhood sale price a nice little boost along the way.

264 Clipper Rear Facade

6 thoughts on “A Push For The Architecture + Design Envelope Over In Noe”
  1. ^^^Well you got me to go back and read it and I actually thought there was some interesting comments, especially from ex-SFer about how many households in San Francisco make more than 200K a year (not as many as I thought), and from others about how trustafarians like the owner of this house show that incomes alone don’t show who could afford to buy. It got creepy when someone posted the prep/boarding school the owner went to during her high school years however. There are no secrets anymore thanks to Google, Facebook, etc. etc.

  2. It is already being worked on by the new owner. I drove by and there was a bunch of digging going on in the garage and a few trucks out front.

  3. 25th and Fair Oaks has the space invader. Part of a re-do of that place (and it looks great). Me thinks it’s related to 264 Clipper. Kudo’s if so.

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