1055 Green Street
Hidden behind the Russian Hill hedges at 1055 Green Street and built as a Victorian, a Julia Morgan redesigned Italianate Villa now stands. Purchased for $3,250,000 in 1998, the property has since been restored and seismically upgraded.
1055 Green Street Living
1055 Green has just returned to the market listed for $7,950,000 with three bedrooms and three and one-half baths in the main house, a guest house over two-car garage behind.
1055 Green Street Guest House
∙ Listing: 1055 Green Street (3/3.5) – $7,950,000 [1055green.com]

14 thoughts on “The Russian Hill Villa Hidden Behind The Hedges On Green Street”
  1. WHY do people make these sites with the default as music ON. Some of us open these sites at work. I couldn’t even find the navigation to turn off the sound.

  2. Lori – because most normal people will just hit “mute” on their computer instead of searching the site to turn the music off?

  3. Fishchum, sorry, I’m on a new computer at work and working with 2 monitors. There is no quick way to mute. But thanks for the insult and insinuating I’m not normal. I hope that makes you feel superior. The website should have a mute button so I don’t have to search for one on my monitors.

  4. Amazing piece of property. I love the grounds and the guest house/garage. Wish it had a view for that price though.

  5. Lori,
    Sorry, it hasn’t been a good day and that wasn’t appropriate. Time to shut things down and go for a walk.

  6. So Julia Morgan redesigned Victorian into an Italianate home? How did this slip past the Historic Preservation Committee? 🙂

  7. Castles, estates, hotels and mansions, yet Julia Morgan’s own home at 2225/2229 Divisadero was very underwhelming and spoke to her selfless character (she rented out the other rooms to women starting out in other professions). She never lectured or wrote articles or accepted awards, but instead worked and worked and built despite poor health and severe discrimation as she was a woman in what was a man’s profession and started the first architecture firm owned by a woman in North America.
    This may not be one of her best projects but it is nice to see her stature increasing over the decades. She believed that buildings could convey through their design a certain “feeling” and would ask her designers “what is the feeling you are trying to convey with this space?” This question should be asked of every new project in the city imho.

  8. Thank you, fishchum. Hope your day got better.
    Steve — I’m sure my IT department will get right on that.
    OK I finally saw the house pics. So for $8 million I still have to gut the poorly laid out kitchen AND finish off the lower level? Are you serious? And can’t the sellers hire proper stagers? No way, no how, not $8 million. We’ll be seeing this property hang out for a while.

  9. The sale of 1055 Green Street closed escrow today with a reported contract price of $6,800,000, a little over a million under its original list price of $7,950,000.

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