1830 Ocean Avenue Target

With the overhaul of Ocean Avenue underway, Target is preparing for a public hearing next month which could clear the way for a TargetExpress to open at 1830 Ocean, a conversion of the former Rite Aid space which Fresh & Easy had intended to turn into a grocery store.

In addition to a limited selection of home goods, electronics and beauty products “tailored to city dwellers,” the TargetExpress would include a pharmacy, fresh produce, and an assortment of grab-and-go food and snacks.

If approved, Target is aiming to have the Ocean Avenue store online by the end of the year.

27 thoughts on “Target Could Hit Its Mark On Ocean Avenue Next Month”
  1. Will the store include a Starbucks? I know it was discussed previously, but I didn’t see it mentioned in the public notification that was just posted.

    1. Yes, but under SF law they still have to be noticed. I’d hate to see the store delayed even further due to someone complaining over a technicality.

  2. Formula retail? The unalloyed embodiment of evil. The only things worse than this are cars, garages and “dwelling unit mergers.” The devil is alive and well, working hard in San Francisco.

  3. Agree with Mission dweller. That space needs a tenant. I would welcome Target, but I wonder if the anti-gentrification folks would protest. I suspect they would.

  4. Build It Now! I remember when they first built this place and when it was a Lucky’s store. Lucky’s left because back then, crime ie. shoplifting and robberies in the area, was not conducive to the business. Several other stores came and went and long stretches of vacancy ensued. I doubt you’ll get the anti-gentrification crowd on this end of Ocean. Those people are more likely to protest (if at all) at the other side of Ocean Avenue where Whole Food Market and other higher rent development are.

    1. i think it was Safeway and they got robbed 3 times during the armed car pick up. I think it was an inside job too. I heard the takes were over $110K.

      man, there’s gonna be an Rx war on Ocean Ave. now a Walgreens, CVR and Target fighting for the Rx market. wait until they start carrying weed. LOL

    1. It’s quite awful. Likely was considered extremely hip and contemporary when first constructed, much like some of the dreck being built today.

      1. Luckily commenters like you have the design talent and the investment money to build something “daring” and better?


        Just more sniping from the sidelines then? I vote the building remain vacant for forty years until someone is forced to tear it down!

  5. The underground parking is shared with 24 hour fitness. Currently the lot is always full, it’s going to make street parking hell in that area which is already very difficult.

    1. Second this. I use the 24 hour and the parking garage and don’t know what will happen if target actually does move there. It will be a nightmare and I likely will need to drive to a different gym.

      1. I worked at the Rite Aid at this location 8-9 years ago. The parking situation was bad then as well.To make sure Rite Aid customers had parking, we had to have a security guard in the garage actually sit there and monitor people, making sure those that parked in the spaces marked “Rite Aid customers only” actually went into Rite Aid and not the gym. Those that didn’t were threatened with having their cars towed. Seemed to be effective, I assume they would have to do something similar for Target.

  6. Here are some pics of the Target Express Dinkytown store that opened last July.

    The Dinkytown store is 20,000 sf whereas the proposed Ocean Ave is about 17,000 sf. Target Express seems to be just a glorified CVS or Walgreens with an emphasis on groceries. At the Dinkytown store they have the following main categories (based on pics): Pharmacy, Groceries, Household Items, Beauty, School/Office supplies, and Electronics.

  7. A newly built empty retail space in Bayview is for lease and for sale. It definitely needs a new tenant or even a new owner. A great location.

    Fresh & Easy (Closed)
    5900 3rd Street, Suite C-2001
    San Francisco, CA 94124
    b/t Egbert Ave & Carroll Ave in Bayview-Hunters Point

  8. Can’t wait until the Target Express comes to Ocean. So sick of empty storefronts. It’s about time our neighborhood saw some upgrading and services. Don’t worry about parking. Take muni, Bart or bus. That’s the whole point of a transit corridor.

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