Target Ocean Avenue Rendering

With the Planning Commission meeting which could clear the way for Target to open an “Express” store at 1830 Ocean Avenue scheduled for next week, we now have the official renderings and answers to a few key FAQs:

1. Of the 103 parking spaces in the building’s garage, 26 will be allocated to the Target. No word, however, on how Target plans to keep others from bogarting their spaces.

Target Ocean Avenue Interior

2. The proposed hours of operation are from 7am to 11pm, seven days a week.  And…

Target Ocean Avenue Starbucks

3. A Starbucks-branded Target Café is part of the project.

While the store is certainly Formula Retail, San Francisco’s Planning Department recommends the Target be approved, noting that the project “would fill a vacancy on a relatively prominent block” and is “desirable for, and compatible with the surrounding neighborhood.”

And if approved, Target is aiming to have the Ocean Avenue store online by the end of the year.

9 thoughts on “Renderings And FAQs For Target’s Ocean Avenue Express”
  1. The renderings are of timeless, anyplace purgatory with Soviet-style bare shelves. If I don’t live a good life, will my soul be damned to wander these isles for all eternity?

    Also, that’s such an ugly building. Does anyone know who’s responsible for designing that monster?

    1. Maybe Target could clad the entire building exterior in glass with one large red Target logo like the MUNI buses do with their advertisements. People on the outside can see the ad but it doesn’t affect the sightlines of the interior residents.

      Also, Target’s ready made food is atrocious. I rather see a larger electronics section which this location needs. The key is to diversify offerings other existing stores do not have.

  2. Yes to the Target and yes to the Starbucks, time for Ocean Avenue to be a bustling neighborhood like West Portal!

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