225 Bush Street

While remaining tight-lipped about their plans to open a TargetExpress on Ocean Avenue, Target has officially announced that one of their other two Bay Area TargetExpress stores will be located in San Francisco’s Financial District at the southwest corner of Bush and Sansome, and the other will be in Berkeley, at the southeast corner of Shattuck Avenue and Allston Way.

[T]he Bush Street store will feature a large grab-and-go area with sandwiches, salads, breakfast items like yogurt and mid-day snacks for busy commuters on the go. The store will also include a Starbucks and select items from Target’s “Made to Matter” collection, which features products from San Francisco Bay Area companies like Annies, Yes To and Method.

The Berkeley store will offer a large selection of grocery items, including produce, dairy, frozen, snacks and beverages to serve the students, commuters and residents of Berkeley.

The TargetExpress stores will also be stocked with “essentials in home, beauty and electronics” and will include pharmacies as well.

Target is aiming to open the first two Bay Area stores in March of 2015.  The third location, “to be announced in the coming months” (see first paragraph above), is currently expected to open in 2015 as well.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Live Smarter

    I knew this day would come for TargetExpress in FiDi — I am surprised by how long it took. All of the other mediocre overpriced eateries in FiDi will have to step it up. Next up, Trader Joe’s should have something similar (salads, sandwiches, chips, fruit, drinks.)

  2. Posted by david m

    southwest corner of bush and sansome makes no sense. i think maybe biz times got it wrong – likely it’s the old cable car clothiers space on the northwest corner.

    • Posted by JL

      It’s straight from a Target press release:

      “The San Francisco store will be approximately 18,000 square feet and located at the southwest corner of Bush Street and Sansome Street, next to the Montgomery BART station, in the heart of the financial district.”

  3. Posted by 1 Bush guy

    225 Bush – not 115 Sansome

  4. Posted by Anon

    How are they able to get around the infamous anti-chain store hatred of many San Franciscans?

    • Posted by AC

      The formula retail (anti-chain) rules don’t apply in the downtown core.

  5. Posted by Puhleez

    Target only sells crap. If you want cancer, Target is a great place to shop.

  6. Posted by DanRH

    Across from the existing Walgreens….should be interesting.

  7. Posted by invented

    Target Express is akin to CVS, Walgreens; the existing City Targets already small — can’t imagine how much more pared down the Express will be. In time CVS and Walgreens will merge and if Target continues to ink contracts with local companies it has potential to differentiate itself from the numbing retail monoculture.

    • Posted by JR "Bob" Dobbs

      No way CVS and Walgreens are ever merging. They are the #1 and #2 drugstore chains. Antitrust regulators will never permit this.

      So this will truly add a third major competitor. Good news.

  8. Posted by Dan

    This gives some competition to CVS and Walgreens on prices, including for those who pay out of pocket for generic drugs.

  9. Posted by FFS

    One of my biggest [CityTarget] surprises/disappointments was the lack of even a tiny food court. Target and 7-11 are my spots for basic hot dogs.

    I’d love the convenience of the FiDi store if I lived there, but an Express by the Ocean CVS seems less necessary if the inventory is basically the same.

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