1455-1515 Third Street Site

Uber Technologies has entered into a joint venture with Alexandria Real Estate Equities to acquire and develop two undeveloped Mission Bay parcels at 1455 and 1515 Third Street, adjacent to the Golden State Warriors arena development that’s in the works.

Currently owned by Salesforce.com, the last of their Mission Bay holdings, the two parcels are already approved for development of up to 423,000 square feet of office space, with permitted plans and a Proposition M office space allocation in place.

The development, which will be 51 percent owned by Alexandria and 49 percent by Uber, is slated to become Uber’s worldwide headquarters and the company has committed to a 15-year lease for the entire site.

28 thoughts on “Uber Building Worldwide Headquarters In Mission Bay”
  1. Does anyone know if Salesforce made huge windfall on the aborted Mission Bay HQ by buying pre-boom and selling post-boom?

    1. Joel beat me to it.

      But I think in the not so distant future it’s going to become very clear that the 3rd street rail is too slow and completely inadequate for servicing all the jobs, residents and event goers that will be flooding this part of town.

  2. Are their current offices within the Twitter tax zone on Mid-Market? If so, I imagine this means they are likely planning on having an IPO before moving their headquarters to Mission Bay in a couple of years. $$$

  3. Its a no brainer to develop since it comes with an office space allocation of 432,000,

    The question which is based on height limits,,, how much ground level retail will be included in the design

      1. He didn’t say it was *IN* Bayview, he’s probably suggesting that this will lead to gentrification of Bayview since it will be convenient for all these employees to live just down 3rd St and the T-Ghetto line.

    1. All success stories started wit someone with a lead of faith. Maybe they’ll still be there, maybe not. Until that time, they’re moving ahead.

    2. Uber is not a “rideshare” company, they’re a technology company. It’s even in the company name. What you’re lacking is not faith, it’s imagination. Uber is in the location-based logistics business. Think what their core technology can do for anyone in the shipping, trucking, transit, any moving-things-around industry. It’s not rocket surgery, it’s just software development. That’s obviously what they need all those offices for in SF. The people they’re hiring to respond to your 2-star driver reviews are not going to be here, they’ll be in Bangalore or Little Rock or some other place where you can hire people for dimes.

      And no, I’m not an Uber employee, but I am in the software industry and it’s not hard to see that Uber will be pretty successful over the next 15 years.

  4. I was wondering why there are almost no restaurants at all in the Mission Bay with all those new development?

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