1420 Douglass

Foreclosed upon in 2010 having been purchased for $1,945,000 in 2007, the remodeled Noe Valley home at 1420 Douglass Street re-sold for $1,440,000 four years ago.  Today, the contemporary three-bedroom home with an open floor plan divided by a familiar two-way fireplace is back on the market and listed for $1,795,000.

1420 Douglass Living

The kitchen is decked out in Italian marble (Cararra), African wood (Mahogany), and Italian glass tile.

1420 Douglass Kitchen

And a deck off the back overlooks the Japanese garden and patio.

1420 Douglass Yard

7 thoughts on “Foreclosed Upon In 2010, A Familiar Noe Valley Home Returns”
  1. Ahead of its time and a canary in the coal mine for the last bust, this one will be interesting to watch. $2.1M?

    1. It’s a little too close to that huge apartment complex to fetch 2.1, I bet. Maybe 1.945 again will be the magic number.

      1. I live in said huge apartment complex (my balcony looks directly into the backyard here) and I can definitely see how it would feel like it’s looming above–I went to an open house at the property next door when it last sold and my building definitely felt imposing from down below. Still, I love this house and this location–even without the views that I have–and would move there in a second if I could afford it.

  2. Odd to me that they left the shingles on the facade — it stands in stark contrast to everything else they’ve done. Otherwise I’m a fan.

  3. I went to the open house yesterday and this house is rad. Give me $2.1M and I would move there in a flip second. Looks like there is forced air heating in addition to the gas fireplace.

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