1420 Douglass

Purchased for $1,945,000 in 2007, the modern Noe Valley home at 1420 Douglass Street was foreclosed upon in 2010 and re-sold  by the bank for $1,440,000 four years ago.

1420 Douglass Living

Listed for “$1,795,000” three weeks ago, the sale of the three-bedroom home with an open floor plan divided by a familiar two-way fireplace and staircase has just closed escrow with a reported contract price of $2,300,000, roughly 28 percent “over asking.”  The price per square foot wasn’t reported.

4 thoughts on “From $1.4M Four Years Ago To $2.3M Today”
  1. I toured this house on its most recent open Sunday and four years ago. It was pretty much the same except that the landscaped rear garden had matured and grown in to provide wonderful privacy and serenity in those four years. Nice.

  2. This is a wonderful house, full of all the architectural details that will make it treasured for decades, perhaps centuries, to come: white walls, black fireplace, open plan (no doors!), glass enclosed staircase.

    It also is iconic in its treatment of the facade, with a beautiful garage door and an overall facade sure to eclipse the Roos Mansion in Presidio Heights, and maybe even Buckingham House in the history of architecture.

    Truly a great contribution to San Francisco, and a bargain for the buyer to boot!

  3. Beautiful garage door? Seems like an oxymoron to me, especially where the garage door makes up about 40% of the front of the house. The feel is that the house was built to house cars instead of people, given how much of the facade the garage door grabs. It would take an architect extraordinaire to make garage doors of this magnitude “beautiful”.

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