The framework for a new inter-agency strategy to coordinate the potential development of underutilized publicly-owned sites across San Francisco will be presented to the Planning Commission this week. The Commission will be responsible for providing direction on the program and approving any proposed rezoning, development entitlements and public benefits package for individual sites.

In the high-cost and dense urban environment of San Francisco, certain underutilized publicly-owned sites throughout the city could help contribute towards the City’s needs for housing, jobs, transportation and other services. These sites provide a valuable resource that could often be better utilized, repurposed or redeveloped to maximize opportunities.

In order to support land-owning agencies in their efforts for more productive use of their real estate assets, the City is launching an effort to holistically evaluate use of such underutilized sites. This effort parallels the work by the City’s Real Estate Division to address the findings of a recent report by the Civil Grand Jury on surplus and underutilized properties, which called for revisions to the Surplus City Property Ordinance.

The scope of the program will be refined over the next month with the priority sites set to be identified, and site-specific community meetings slated to be initiated, in March.

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by seriously

    March? I can get you a list yesterday.
    Glad to see this is happening though. They have GOT to do something about empty lot by 16th and Mission!

  2. Posted by theHitman

    To be fair – they should all be subject to rent controlled

  3. Posted by Jimmy the House Flipper

    To be fair, the city should buy all rent-controlled housing stock at market prices. But that will not happen either!

  4. Posted by Charlie

    Count on several bus depots being included in the list. SFMTA badly needs money to rebuild Presidio and Portrero bases and my guess is that joint development is their best bet. Would love to see the old Russian Hill reservoir get developed into housing with some park space too. That eyesore needs to be remediated.
    [Editor’s Note: SFMTA Reverses Course On Kirkland Yard Redevelopment and Razing The Roof Over The Old Francisco Street Reservoir.]

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