100 Palo Alto

As we wrote this past September:

Custom built for former San Francisco Mayor Elmer E. Robinson in 1953, the Mid-Century home at 100 Palo Alto Avenue hit the market in March 2008 listed for $4,000,000 and closed escrow that April with a recorded contract price of $5,625,000.

Returned to the market listed for $6,400,000 in 2010, after 341 days on the MLS and a couple of reductions, the Clarendon Heights view home was withdrawn from the market in early 2011, last asking $4,950,000.

Listed anew for $4,995,000 six months ago then reduced to $4,695,000 in November, the sale of 100 Palo Alto closed escrow last week with a reported contract price of $4,600,000, a million dollars ($1,025,000) or eighteen (18) percent under its early 2008 sale price.

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One thought on “Another View From The Heights Of The Heights And Ex-Mayor’s Home”
  1. Same agent who sold it to the poor guy also represented him on the sale. Talk about burying your client. Had to been an awkward sales process.

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