141 Ames: Living

Following a Boor Bridges led renovation over which a reader waxed poetic and the builder chimed in, the 840 square foot cottage at 141 Ames hit the market in October 2008 asking $695,000. Withdrawn from the market without a sale, the cottage was leased to a friend of the owner (Flora Grubb) and appeared on the AIA’s 2009 tour of homes.

141 Ames: Sketch

While not yet listed, 141 Ames is now back on the market asking $649,000 without the tenant in place, but with the little patio’s living wall in full bloom.

141 Ames Bed and Patio

∙ Listing: 141 Ames (0/1) – $649,000 [141ames.com]

20 thoughts on “Inside 840 Square Feet Of Modern Mission Living At 141 Ames”
  1. Tip to the broker: The photos on your website are very annoying with the zooming in, and clicking through is very clunky. But, that’s just my humble opinion.

  2. Love the finishes and design. Great use of space and skylight/lightwell to bring in natural light but the lack of windows still makes it feel a little cave like.

  3. Although it looks great, there is just something wrong with a fireplace clad in unfinished douglas fir. Why don’t you leave an antique gas can on the mantle to complete the effect?

  4. Ideal buyer:
    1) Single or a couple that don’t mind always being in the same room with each other all of the time;
    2) Very neat and , depending upon the actual size of the “bedroom” closet, not a lot of clothing; and
    3) Willing to make bed every morning in the event friends come over.
    Would not work for me (married + 2 cats and not overly neat all the time).
    Good Luck.

  5. The old thread on this place was great reading for the over-the-top jealousy and haterism from noearch/modernqueen/futurist. Even more bitter than usual.
    There are a lot of really creative elements that work very well here but I agree with JustLooking about the target market.

  6. Great space. Annoying web site. High price.

    Um…$773 per listed ft.² is a “high price” in Noe Valley?
    But I like what they did with the space, very classy and I’m not particularly fond of (mid-century?) modern. I’m sure that if the buyer fits firmly into all of JustLooking’s categories they’ll be very happy here. As a side effect, they’ll contribute more money to their 401(k) plan or IRA, because they won’t be able to accumulate a lot of stuff (“if I buy this, where would I put it?”) shopping on the weekends like their friends and neighbors do.

  7. “Um…$773 per listed ft.² is a “high price” in Noe Valley?”
    no, but it is for the middle of the mission without a garage…

  8. First, the place is super cute and I love the creative use of skylights.
    But as noted above, this is home primarily for a single person who doesn’t have a car, never entertains, never has out of town family or guests, and apparently doesn’t own a TV.
    So they buyer/renter pool is probably pretty limited. Of course, it only takes one buyer …

  9. I don’t get the doesn’t entertain thing. Looks like it has more living/dining room space than many units at the Infinity. Not having any real windows that might be a problem.

  10. That roof deck seems like it would be great for entertaining. But make sure your guests don’t get so buzzed that they can’t handle descending the ladder.

  11. nonanon, hahah…touché. We really need a Google overlay map of the SFAR-standardized neighborhood boundaries.
    For socketsite readers who aren’t interior design aficionados, or haven’t seen an episode of Mad Men or never saw the 2009 movie A Single Man, Debtpocalypse’s comment at 8:26 AM might have been too terse. I offer this link. Hope this helps.

  12. You can definitely entertain quite nicely there. I used to live in a 650 sq foot apartment and still handle ample space for a small dining table and enough space to have 6 people dinners. It might have been a little tight, but with an extra 200 sq ft a small patio and roof deck there’s plenty of space to have people over.

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