141 Ames: Living

As we first reported last month (and back in 2008):

Following a Boor Bridges led renovation over which a reader waxed poetic and the builder chimed in, the 840 square foot cottage at 141 Ames hit the market in October 2008 asking $695,000. Withdrawn from the market without a sale, the cottage was leased to a friend of the owner (Flora Grubb) and appeared on the AIA’s 2009 tour of homes.

While not yet listed, 141 Ames is now back on the market asking $649,000 without the tenant in place, but with the little patio’s living wall in full bloom.

While not apples to apples but speaking to the market’s taste and appetite, the sale of 141 Ames closed escrow this past Friday with a reported contract price of $710,000.

141 Ames: Sketch

5 thoughts on “No Apples On Ames But A Taste For Modern And Healthy Appetite”
  1. How long was this actually on the market last time around? It seems like it was listed and then quickly withdrawn.

  2. It does seem like another very strong anecdote showing the market turning. Tried and failed in 2008. Sold at a higher nominal price now.

  3. Was it even on the market an entire month back in 2008? I don’t doubt the market is much stronger now but if it was only on the market for barely a month last time, we really don’t know what it would have sold for in 2008.

  4. Meant to go see this at open, drove by it- great location and seemingly quiet non-thoroughfare (cars) type alley.
    Is this a new record for a “single family” ‘studio’ with no parking?

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