Eleven homes make up AIA’s 2009 San Francisco Living: Homes Tours Weekend (9/12-9/13). Based simply on the list of participating architects and project monikers, are you plugged-in enough to identify them all?
For example, first on the list for Saturday, “Boor Bridges Architecture – Ames Cottage” which plugged-in people should be able to piece together as 141 Ames. And last on the list for Sunday, “WRT Solomon ETC – Mosaica” (a.k.a. 601 Alabama).
Two down, nine to go and bonus points for guessing the first to hit (or re-hit) the market after the tour.
2009 AIA San Francisco Living: Homes Tours (9/12-9/13) []
A Plugged-In Reader Reports (Rather Effusively): Go See 141 Ames [SocketSite]
Mosaica 601 On The Market And Affordable Rental Applications Soon [SocketSite]

Comments from Plugged-In Readers

  1. Posted by Chad

    TFTI. At 60 dollars a day, it is quite pricey.
    Is it worth it ? Can anyone give feedback from last years experience and such ?
    Thanks folks !

  2. Posted by Chad

    Oh, one more thing, are you allowed to take pictures / videos for ideas ? Or do they have some ridiculous “no photography” policies when visiting these awesome homes ?

  3. Posted by armando

    FYI. The San Francisco Design Center is holding their Show case 2009, Design Above All, Inspiration for Luxury High-rise Living, at One Rincon Hill, Sept. 19-Nov. 1. Open to public Tues., Thurs. and Sat. It’s only $20 AND benefits PAWS, Foodrunners, and At The Crossroads. Four homes on the 53rd floor envisioned by noted designers including Eugene Anthony Associates and Carver Schickestanz, using the latest furniture and accessories from the SFDC (

  4. Posted by fixthis

    Hopeing “John Maniscalco Architecture-Cole Street Residence” is his Cole Valley hillside home ata the very top of Cole Street

  5. Posted by sunset guy

    Is it worth it ? Can anyone give feedback from last years experience and such ?
    No. As someone who deals with architects on a daily basis, you will be drowning in the cesspool of their egos.

  6. Posted by Michael

    ‘Mork-Ulnes Design Clayton Street Residence’ looks like either 776 or 778 Clayton and the architect’s home/office:

  7. Posted by 45yo hipster

    All I know is that last year people paid $20 clams to see that green house on Alabama/25 in the mish. I saw a bunch of scared shitless people with “hi, my name is _” stickers. The following weekend, it’s on sunday open for free! Whoops.

  8. Posted by archi- doggy

    Hey Chad @ 9:08~
    No photography. No kids. No shoes. No using the bathroom. No labradors or poodles.
    No opening the fridge or channel surfing on TV. These are peiples occupied homes, and the owners are nice enough to leave for the day letting you wander in. Ivolunteer as a docent for one home, so I get to see others free. I wouldnt pay 60$ for sure.
    Sunset Guy @ 2:44~
    You sound like a contractor. Stay away!

  9. Posted by noearch

    @sunset guy:
    as an architect, I deal with contractors all day who try to produce shoddy construction (until I catch them) and cant read my drawings half the time.

  10. Posted by Chad

    Thanks for the info archi- doggy
    In that case, I don’t find much incentive to sign-up. Granted that the owners are “nice enough” to let people wander in, but then again, I doubt they are doing it for charity. They must be getting a portion (fixed or percentage) of the hefty 60 dollar (minimum) per person per day fee.
    It seems more architect-centric that potential-client-centric. By that, what I mean is, if they did indeed allow visitors to take pictures for ideas (since most of us don’t have photographic memories), then they can go home and figure out if they want a similar remodel or new construction of their homes, and in turn contact the architect that did the job on the place they took pictures of.
    In other words, the Architects could potentially harness such event to get new clients without being too obvious. That’s my thought anyways. That’s what I would do if I were an architect.
    Otherwise, I interpret such events simply as
    1. for architects to show off their “works” and gloat in their own gigantic egos !
    2. for the home owners to make some side ca$h renting their place out for the day.
    What do you think ?

  11. Posted by sunset gy

    I am not a contractor but a “design proffesional” in an related industy. Some of my best friends are Architects and Contractors. But the Architects have the ego thing down.

  12. Posted by noearch might wanna start by learning how to spell “professional”..and “industry”…
    you must be an interior designer or decorator, I would assume.

  13. Posted by salarywoman

    Can’t take a picture? Draw a sketch. It’s much more useful.
    And, no, the owners are not getting a piece of the “take.” They do it because their architects beg, beg, beg them to – and it also appeals to their vanity. I wouldn’t do it. Oh, no, not me.
    $60? Worth it? It all depends on your interests. Some people pay that to go to a baseball game. If you are asking if it is worth it then my guess is that for you it’s not.

  14. Posted by Chad

    @salarywoman. You are right, It wasn’t (and isn’t) worth it for me.
    P.S: You are very intriguing !!!

  15. Posted by garrett

    I didn’t guess which would hit the market first because I figured I had an unfair advantage. This week, the Glen Park residence will hit the market. Website will be up in the next day or two, but until then, here is a sneak peak:

  16. Posted by see

    Do you know what unit they showed at Oriental Warehouse? Was it the one posted on SS? Unit #119?

  17. Posted by garrett

    they decided not to show the unit at Oriental Warehouse. that unit was taken off the tour and was substituted with the Liberty Street residence.

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