Jewish Home of San Francisco's current Campus
The Jewish Home of San Francisco sits at the corner Silver and Mission in the Excelsior with a campus that provides 430 beds and facilites for seniors. On the boards as rendered below, a plan to update and expand to 526 beds with a goal of breaking ground by 2014.
Jewish Home Expansion Plan
Jewish Home of San Francisco: Vision for the Future []

15 thoughts on “The Jewish Home Of San Francisco’s Plans To Expand”
  1. It’s hard to tell from the rendering, but it would be great if they included some retail – coffee shops/restaurants – on the ground floor to engage the community.

  2. From the drawing it looks like most of the Mission Street frontage is street facing retail which would be appropriate. All the materials indicate they are only starting the conversation, so now would be a good time to give them input regarding this plan.

  3. Yeah, it looks like retail but the close up rendering of the Mission facade reveal just a landscaped wall.
    I agree with Anna and Mole Man, streetfront retail along Mission and possibly Silver as well would enhance the neighborhood. And the residents of this project would appreciate retail within close walking distance.
    I never knew this place existed despite riding past it many times over the years.

  4. I never agree with the other comments on this site, but today is the exception. Yes to insisting on retail on Mission and no to a ivy covered wall as shown in the render. Maybe a midblock crosswalk too.

  5. Maybe I’m not reading this right — but all that new building and they are only going from 430 beds to 526??
    What is all that space in the new buildings for?

  6. I’m not sure what others are seeing, but you are making VERY broad judgmental statements, about retail along Mission before fully seeing the plans and ideas.
    I see a small portion along Mission that is very richly landscaped. I also see a lot of retail.
    Relax. Let’s see what the evolving plans show.
    People are so quick to judge here, looking at the entire picture.

  7. They are tearing down the oldest building in the complex, reducing the number of beds to 304, before building 222 new beds.

  8. I used to have a relative in the facility. The new wing they added a few years ago was very nice as far as such things ago. The biggest problem was parking – between guests and workers, there were never enough spots. Hope they deal with it this time around.

  9. 1.)  Consistency of architecture.  This building plan seems to be for the next 10 years.  I would like them to keep the architecture consistent.  Their current complex has a hodge-podge of buildings representing the latest ideas from each decade.  It would be nice if the final buildings really make sense together even if they don’t build them all at once.
    2.)  Community meeting room. People have often tried to see if there is a meeting room on the campus for neighborhood groups to meet in the evening.  Management was interested, but it didn’t really work with the closed community they had.  Maybe with this being more out-patient services, the building will be more amenable to having a neighborhood meeting room.
    3.)  Parking. Some neighbors are expressing concerns about parking issues once this is finished. A parking committee in the Excelsior has identified areas where angled parking can be added.  Along Lisbon Street between Silver and Avalon is one of the areas, I believe.  It might be worth discussing this with neighbors on the street to see if there is a consensus on moving to angled parking which would add a lot of spaces.

  10. Marten, read my post above yours. The new construction adds 222 beds, but first they are tearing down the oldest building, which is obsolete and would be expensive to retrofit, so the net increase is on 96 beds.

  11. a)parking is a MAJOR problem on Lisbon
    b)a new driveway on silver is not ideal, will only congest the 44 line route more.
    c) the buildings prior new wings were poor in architectural design quality. This area needs new and better ground retail, BUT NOT just retail pharmacy, and there is a small coffee shop across the street.
    d) the massiveness of the project is definitely a question, due to loss of open-space, and green-scape on the site with the proposed design, consideration should be given for fixing up other areas around the project site for public access and park use.
    e) the exterior fencing and flat wall surfaces on mission are not a good “neighbor” solution to the main street, retail on the street is the best alternative, with some set-back for cafe-and park-bench/tree street scape development.

  12. Traffic and transit is a current mess for the 14/14x/44/49/47 etc. Its at capacity

    The street facades show poor connectivity to the street, a big wall of store-front… Could be a CVS pharmacy or walgreens, which will be blocked windows.

    There is also currently another project on the boards across the street at Joe’s Cable Car 4316 Mission, and 6-10 Tingley st.

    They need to pay into the improvement public transit wise, via MOU and a negotiated impact traffic study based on trucks, taxi-cabs, shuttle-buses and ambulances/fire-dept. increased traffic.

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