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Cab Company Seeking Legacy Business Status in San Francisco

Cab Company Seeking Legacy Business Status in San Francisco

In a sign of the times with a side of irony, the Luxor Cab Company, which has operated in San Francisco since 1928, has applied for Legacy Business status and a grant from the city. From the Planning Department’s summary of the business and application (which it’s recommending be... Read More »

Eviction Protection for Parents and Educators in SF Overturned

A Superior Court Judge has officially invalidated San Francisco’s recently adopted law which had expanded eviction protections for tenants with a resident child under 18 years of age and extended said protections to educators – which was defined as any person who works at a school in San Francisco... Read More »

Legislation to Allow New In-Law Units throughout San Francisco

San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors is slated to approve legislation which will allow more in-law units to be added to existing buildings throughout San Francisco. And the bargaining chip ballot measure designed to put pressure on the Board’s passage of the legislation is slated to be withdrawn. Under the... Read More »

Senators Urge Federal Investigation into Use of Airbnb

Senators Urge Federal Investigation into Use of Airbnb

Concerned that short-term rentals “may be exacerbating housing shortages and driving up the cost of housing in communities,” U.S. Senators Dianne Feinstein (California), Elizabeth Warren (Massachusetts) and Brian Schatz (Hawaii) are urging the Federal Trade Commission to launch a formal investigation into the commercial use of short-term rental... Read More »

Bonus Height Program for Affordable Developments Approved, But…

Bonus Height Program for Affordable Developments Approved, But…

While San Francisco’s proposed Affordable Housing Bonus Program, which would allow market-rate developers to build up to two stories higher than currently zoned in exchange for pricing 30 percent of the development at below market rates, remains DOA, a pared-down program which would only apply to 100 percent below... Read More »

Airbnb Sues San Francisco

Arguing that its listings are protected by the First Amendment and a couple of Federal Communications Acts, regardless of whether or not said listings are for offerings which are illegal, Airbnb has filed suit in District Court seeking an injunction to block the recently adopted amendment to San Francisco’s... Read More »

Initiative to Allow More In-Laws in San Francisco

Speaking of potential housing related ballot measures and legislative bargaining chips, Supervisor Mark Farrell has submitted the paperwork for an initiative to allow more in-law units to be added to buildings throughout San Francisco. Under the proposed Accessory Dwelling Units measure, existing buildings with four dwelling units or less... Read More »

Law That Could Ban the Majority of Airbnb Listings in SF Approved

The legislation which could require Airbnb to remove up to 75 percent of their estimated 9,500 listings in San Francisco, or face penalties that could theoretically total over $5 million a day, has been approved by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors 10-0 with Supervisor Farrell recused from the vote.... Read More »

Oaklanders Could Benefit from Preferences for Affordable Housing

While the City of Oakland already provides a general preference for those who live or work in the city to qualify for affordable housing which was built in conjunction with the City’s Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) program, a proposed ordinance would greatly expand the scope of projects for... Read More »

Supervisor Aims to Further Incent Development of Student Housing

In order to promote the development of Student Housing in San Francisco, the City’s Planning Code provides a big incentive for developers to build for educational institutions. While new developments with ten or more residential units are currently required to provide 12 percent of the units at below market... Read More »