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Legislation To Legalize Unpermitted In-Law Units Adopted

Building owners with an unpermitted in-law constructed prior to January 1, 2013 will now have the option of legalizing the unit by way of the legislation adopted by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors last night. As we wrote about the legislation when it was first proposed: Unless a significant... Read More »

Making It Harder to (Legally) Merge or Convert Units in SF

On the agenda for San Francisco’s Planning Commission this week, an ordinance to tighten-up the language in San Francisco’s Planning Code which governs the legal demolition, merger and conversion of existing residential units in San Francisco, intended to preserve the stock of affordable housing within the city. Fearing an... Read More »

Potentially Problematic Condo Conversion Legislation Approved

With supervisors Farrell, Tang, and Wiener opposing, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors have voted 8-3 to adopt the proposed condominium conversion lottery bypass legislation as last amended. Assuming it isn’t vetoed by the Mayor, the legislation will establish a bypass period during which qualifying TICs can condo convert for... Read More »

It’s (Not Just) For The Birds

It’s (Not Just) For The Birds

With no specific policies, procedures or standards currently in place, on Thursday San Francisco’s Planning Commission will vote on whether or not to initiate discussion for a planning code ordinance specifically related to bird-strikes and building design. The proposed Ordinance would amend the Planning Code to achieve the following:... Read More »

Guide To San Francisco’s Green Landscaping Ordinance

Guide To San Francisco’s Green Landscaping Ordinance

Mayor Newsom symbolically signed into law San Francisco’s Green Landscaping Ordinance last week on Earth Day, and the Planning Department has now published a full Guide. The goals of the ordinance: “Healthier and more plentiful plantings through screening, parking lot, and street tree controls; Increased permeability through front yard... Read More »

Green Landscaping Ordinance Gets The Green Light

A planning code amendment “to address screening, greening, street tree, and permeability requirements; creating definitions for “vehicle use area,” “ornamental fencing,” and “permeable surface;” requirements for the establishment of new street trees, replacement of dead street trees, and removal of street trees and climate appropriate standards for... Read More »