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Scary Gary Speaks

We can’t help but take a little journey down South this morning where Realtor Gary Watts (a.k.a. Scary Gary) appears to be the groundhog for the Orange County real estate market. And apparently he hasn’t seen his shadow. From FORTUNE: If you want to know where real estate prices... Read More »

December Prices and Sales Fall In San Francisco

The California Association of REALTORS® (C.A.R.) reports that both prices and sales of single family homes fell this past December in the San Francisco Bay Area. According to C.A.R., the median sales price fell 1.4% while sales volume fell 9.8% from the month prior (down 14.2% from December 2004).... Read More »

We’re Still Not Moving To Texas

Local Market Monitor, a real-estate market research provider, estimates that the San Francisco/Oakland real estate market is overvalued by 53%. “The level of over-valuation matters in three ways, according to Ingo Wenzer, president of Local Market Monitor. The higher it is, the greater the risk of it correcting; the... Read More »

Declining Sales (And Prices) In December

Declining Sales (And Prices) In December

According to DataQuick and the Chronicle, Bay Area single-family home sales were down 15.5% compared to December 2004 and the median sales price dropped 3.5% as compared to November 2005. It should be interesting to see what The California Association of Realtors reports on January 25th. Slowing sales, increasing... Read More »

Broker’s Index Says…Buyers Market In Marin

Broker’s Index Says…Buyers Market In Marin

Real estate broker Nate Sumner developed The MARKET HEAT Index™ to track “the intensity of buyer competition for listed residential properties.” The Index is derived by “adding the number of closed residential sales in the prior 30 days to the number of current pending residential sales and then dividing... Read More »

Soros Speaks

Last November we called the top of the San Francisco housing market. Two months later George Soros calls the top of the US housing bubble. “Soros said he believed the U.S. housing bubble, a major factor behind strong U.S. consumption, had reached its peak and was in the process... Read More »

Ignorance Is Bliss (Until You lose Your House)

It looks like the two Davids are starting to plead ignorance with regard to the impact that investors (i.e. speculators and flippers) will have on the housing market. First David Seiders, Chief Economist for the National Association of Home Builders: “I think the biggest risk would be for investors... Read More »

Not Exactly A “Soft Landing”

Billing itself as “by far the leading Real Estate News site on the Internet” (whatever), the Realty Times analyzes Robert Campbell’s November edition of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Newsletter: In his November, 2005 edition, Campbell writes, “Creative financing can be very dangerous when the price of the asset... Read More »

Hardly A Bunch Of Hacks

Thanks to The Housing Bubble 2 for alerting us to the following: Q: PIMCO is following the U.S. housing market very closely, forming a research team and sending people around the country to observe regional markets for signs of a slowdown. What did the team have to say at... Read More »

Can You Say Speculative Bubble Froth?

“At the same time rental rates were dropping, we had housing prices totally skyrocketing”. Credit Andrew Zacks, a “San Francisco lawyer who handles Ellis Act evictions and other land use cases” with that comment. A comment that points to a market driven by speculative froth rather than sound investing... Read More »