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The Bull

Okay, so who’s the genius at NAR that decided that a “balloon is a much better image” to represent the strength of the real estate market? Are we the only ones who remember week-old birthday balloons lying shriveled on the floor? Or popping balloon after balloon in failed attempts... Read More »

The Bear

A loud “Amen!” with regard to reducing your exposure to “variable-rate or interest-only loans”, but damn, even we’re not as bearish as financial consultant, and author (Sell Now! : The End of the Housing Bubble), John Talbott: “According to San Francisco’s, half of all Bay Area home buyers... Read More »

Don’t Fear The Bubble

Don’t Fear The Bubble

As one of the New York Times “Most E-Mailed Articles”, chances are you’ve already read David Leonhardt’s Don’t Fear the Bubble That Bursts. But if not… …instead of panicking, most homeowners should be taking a deep breath. The real estate slump of 2006 offers a fresh chance to puncture... Read More »

San Francisco Sales/Prices Trend Down

On a year-over-year basis, home prices are up 6.1% in the Bay Area (8.1% in San Francisco County) according to the California Association of Realtors. Yes, single-digit year-over-year appreciation for San Francisco County. Historically irrelevant, but it’s quite a change from the past couple of years of “guaranteed” double-digit... Read More »

Economic Impact Of Industry Slowdown

A couple of interesting paragraphs from Inman News yesterday: “As real estate industry layoffs continue and the toll mounts, some industry experts predict a toll of as much as 40 percent of existing jobs lost by the end of the year, while others insist that the WaMu layoffs [2,500... Read More »

Fiserv Says San Francisco Home Prices To Drop 1.9%

Fiserv Says San Francisco Home Prices To Drop 1.9%

Fiserv Lending Solutions (a provider of mortgage and consumer lending services) is forecasting a 1.9% drop in home prices for the San Francisco MSA in 2006. Unfortunately we’ve never heard of Fiserv Lending Solutions, have no insight into their methodology, and have no idea how accurate any of their... Read More »

And We Definitely Agree With Sir Issac Newton

And We Definitely Agree With Sir Issac Newton

An evenly balanced follow-up from the Chronicle with regard to the their coverage of the most recent DataQuick report: This spring, Bay Area homeowners are likely to know whether the housing market has merely paused before resuming its upward climb or has truly downshifted to the slow lane and,... Read More »

We Agree With David (Sort Of)

For the past eight months we’ve been yammering on about “risky mortgages”. Why? We’ll let David Lereah (chief economist for the National Association of Realtors) explain: “Home price appreciation, after reaching an astonishing estimated 12.7 percent national annual rate, will decelerate back into single-digit territory, registering 6.1 percent and... Read More »

Rates Cheap.  Houses Not Cheap.

Rates Cheap. Houses Not Cheap.

According to the most recent DataQuick report, Bay Area home sales plunged last month while prices held steady. From the Chronicle: Bay Area home sales tumbled to their lowest level in five years last month, and prices hovered well below record territory, further evidence that the region’s seemingly unstoppable... Read More »

Hello, My Name Is Adam

Well, so much for our request to “keep your comments on-topic; resist the temptation to flame, troll, and spam; and avoid personal attacks.” From today’s comments on Checking In On 300 Sea Cliff Ave: Adam, how is it that you decided to publish a blog about San Francisco when... Read More »