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Initiative to Require Competitive Bidding for Affordable Housing in SF

In addition to a proposed ballot measure which would double the maximum income one could earn and still qualify for a Below Market Rate (BMR) apartment in San Francisco, the paperwork for an initiative which would implement a new competitive bidding process for all developers of publicly funded housing... Read More »

Ballot Measure to Double Income Limit for Affordable Housing in S.F.

The paperwork for a proposed ballot measure which would double the maximum income that San Francisco residents can earn and still qualify for a Below Market Rate (BMR) apartment in the city, from 55 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) to 110 percent, has been filed with San... Read More »

San Francisco’s Other One Percent: Recipients of Affordable Housing

San Francisco’s Other One Percent: Recipients of Affordable Housing

With an initiative designed to double the number of “affordable” units of housing that developers must provide or fund when building market-rate units in San Francisco headed for the June ballot, an overview of the applicant pool and outcomes for the 69 affordable units built at 280 Beale Street,... Read More »

Over 20 Percent Of Votes Have Yet To Be Counted, But…

While we had estimated 40,000 or so mail-in and provisional ballots had yet to be counted after the early results were released on Election Day, the actual number appears to be closer to 50,000, or around 30 percent of all ballots cast. The uncounted votes could theoretically swing the... Read More »

San Francisco Election Results, No Real Surprises To Be Had

With 100 percent of San Francisco’s precincts reporting, but plenty of mail-in and provisional ballots yet to be counted, the early results for all the key measures below are holding. But the margin for the so-called Airbnb Measure F has narrowed (down to 55 percent No), as has the... Read More »

The Polls Are Now Closed In San Francisco, Early Results Are In

Perhaps you’ve already mailed your ballot or cast an early vote at City Hall, but if not, the polls are now open in San Francisco and it’s time to vote. A total of 446,505 people are registered to vote in San Francisco, up from 435,757 in June of last... Read More »

Bay Guardian’s ‘Clean Slate’ Voter Guide Revived

While the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a “leading voice for progressive San Francisco since 1966,” was shuttered in October of 2014, its intellectual assets, including its name, website and digital archives, have been transferred to the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation for non-commercial use. And while the weekly... Read More »

Sierra Club To Oppose Mission Rock, Feinstein Pro Limiting Airbnb

The Sierra Club will pen the official argument opposing the ballot measure which would allow the Giants’ massive Mission Rock development to move forward, while Senator Dianne Feinstein will pen the argument in favor of the measure to further restrict short-term residential rentals in San Francisco, the so-called Airbnb... Read More »

Affordable Housing Bond Cost Analysis

According to San Francisco’s Controller, if the proposed $310 million Affordable Housing Bonds measure, Proposition A, is passed this November, the estimated average cost for the bonds, collected in the form of a property tax surcharge, will be $8.09 per $100,000 of assessed property value through 2039. The benefits... Read More »

All The Way From A to K: San Francisco’s Ballot Measure Rundown

Eleven local measures are set to appear on this November’s ballot in San Francisco, measures which have just been lettered from A (the $310 million Affordable Housing Bond) to K (the revised Surplus Property Ordinance). The full rundown and summaries from the Department of Elections or past SocketSite coverage:... Read More »