Perhaps you’ve already mailed your ballot or cast an early vote at City Hall, but if not, the polls are now open in San Francisco and it’s time to vote.

A total of 446,505 people are registered to vote in San Francisco, up from 435,757 in June of last year. And as of yesterday, 70,242 of the 257,758 vote-by-mail ballots issued for today’s election had been returned and tallied.

We’ll be closely tracking local Ballot Measures A, D, F, I and K and will break the early results for each this evening if you’d like to follow along (@socketsite).

As always, we’re more concerned with whether you vote versus which way you do. You have until 8pm today to make your vote count.  Pass it along.

UPDATE: The polls are now closed. We’ll have the early results shortly. Our thanks to everyone who cast a vote.

UPDATE: Early San Francisco Election Results, No Real Surprises (Yet).

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