While the San Francisco Bay Guardian, a “leading voice for progressive San Francisco since 1966,” was shuttered in October of 2014, its intellectual assets, including its name, website and digital archives, have been transferred to the San Francisco Center for Newspaper Preservation for non-commercial use.

And while the weekly won’t be revived in print, the “Bay Guardian” will now continue to publish its “Clean Slate” election endorsements and other “special projects” online, the first of which hit the web yesterday afternoon.

As we wrote when the Guardian was shuttered, the move was not only commentary on the current economics of journalism but the rapidly changing dynamics and demographics of San Francisco as well, with the title of “progressive” up for grabs.

24 thoughts on “Bay Guardian’s ‘Clean Slate’ Voter Guide Revived”
  1. I sent the slate to a dozen friends who are voters in SF, with the advice to just vote opposite the slates recommends. Makes voting easy….Mirkirimi, Peskin? Really? Two losers who really need to find real jobs.

    1. Opposite is not the best option – some of their positions are “correct”, e.g. on B (parental leave), D (Mission Rock).

    1. big Hilary supporter here. I’m a moderate and sick of people like Campos and Kim having power here.

      on the national level, Bernie Sander and Donald Trump are 2 sides of the same coin. both ridiculous satires of the political process. fun to watch but sad for america.

      1. As a Hillary supporter, I guess it is sad for you to see a candidate that tells the truth and sticks to their convictions.

          1. The Donald doesn’t have any convictions. He got all the charges dropped. In light of the recent election result, I’m a Trudeau man. Garry Trudeau.

  2. It’s sad how the ‘Progressives’ seem to think the entirety of the City’s problems of cost-of-living, affordability, and gentrification, are all somehow Ed Lee’s fault.

    They completely ignore the massive demographic and economic factors, generations in the making.

    If not Lee, then they blame all the problems in their lives on ‘Techies’ apparent willingness to purchase expensive toast.

    These sorts of simplistic opinions and juvenile caricatures of evil mustache-twirling villains demonstrate an extremely shallow understanding of the way the world actually works.

    I would say that I hope they grow up, but then again there are plenty of older folks equally lacking in their comprehension of the nuances of the real world.

    1. As a “classic” liberal/Leftist, I can’t stand SF progressives. However, even they are better than the average American voter.

    2. I don’t think those problems are Ed Lee’s fault – but I think that Ed Lee’s doing nothing to address them (other than lip-service about expediting housing permitting, which has not seemed to yield substantive results). Instead Lee seems focused on his cronies and his/their bizarre projects, such as tearing down 280.

      Also, he should have been out arguing forcefully against Prop 8, instead of curling up in the bushes. I’ll gladly vote against Lee, simply because we need someone who has a larger and more inclusive, productive vision.

    3. SF Progs view is…it is always the fault of others, and if people just do as I say these problems will disappear. After 35+ years of very progressive members of the board of supervisors being in control, things have gotten worse not better. How’s all that funding to solve the street people “issue” doing? I was just told the other day that it is a homeless problem, not a street people problem. I beg to differ….there are a core group on the street because that’s the only place that allows a lifestyle of drugs and drink.

      1. The ratio of drug addicts and alcoholics who reside in homes in SF to living on the streets has to be at least 10 to 1.

  3. I miss the Bay Guardian. If there was an issue or candidate race I couldn’t figure out, I could look at the Guardian’s recommendations and vote the other way.

    The only thing more idiotic than the Board of Supervisors was the Bay Guardian.

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