As of yesterday, 62,875 of the 236,054 vote-by-mail ballots which had been issued to voters in San Francisco for today’s election had been returned. And as such, with 435,757 registered voters in San Francisco, the “turnout” will be at least 14 percent.  And embarrassingly, it might not be too much more.

The record low turnout for an election in San Francisco was 28.2 percent, a record which was set in 2008 and which many are expecting to fall today.  The polls close at 8pm, please do your best to prove the pundits wrong.

And then plug in this evening or follow along (@socketsite) as we’ll have the early results for Proposition B, the Waterfront Height Limits Right to Vote Act, as soon as they’re released.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Let A Record Low Turnout Decide The Waterfront’s Fate”
    1. Even though turnout will be higher than it would have been, I’m not sure any one side will benefit more from that.

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