2523 Steiner 2015

Purchased for $2,010,000 in November of 2013, the three-bedroom Pac Heights home with a rather challenging floor plan and multifaceted façade at 2523 Steiner Street returned to the market priced at $3,995,000 in July of 2015 but failed to sell.

Plans to correct the home’s interior and exterior flaws, including the removal of bizarrely terraced floors, a mishmash of ceiling heights, a poor flow and underwhelming entrance were subsequently drafted, permitted and completed last year. And the “reimagined, rebuilt and [re]designed” home returned to the market priced at $4.98 million, or roughly $1,766 per square foot, this past September, sporting a new façade and entries; a La Cornue in the all-new kitchen; a new ground floor bathroom; and high end finishes throughout.

And having been reduced to $4.48 million in October, the sale of 2523 Steiner Street has now closed escrow with a contract price of $4.0 million or roughly $1,418 per square foot.

6 thoughts on “Redesigned, Rebuilt, Reduced and Resold”
  1. And…with a facelift (and a gastric bypass), 2523 Steiner erases its awkward adolescence and blends into the background high society. I guess the ending to the story shouldn’t have surprised me, but…the repeated repaintings really was one of the most memorable posts on Socketsite.

  2. Given the aesthetic, the sight of ductless air conditioners on the walls evokes a sense of clutched pearls. I guess function beats form even here.

  3. The facade is actually more attractive, and traditional, in the top picture. They could have just fixed the door problem, and kept the overhang and the colors. They apparently have not received the news that white and gray are going out, at long last, at least on the east coast and western Europe.

    The house is still not right, and perhaps never will be. But the location is pretty great.

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